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Communication project of Railway and highway

Highway tunnel emergency communication solution

Now the situation of highway is becoming more and more complicated, and the timely transmission, sharing and intercommunication of communication information naturally requires a powerful highway tunnel emergency communication system.

Highway is an important way to solve inter-city transportation. According to the national highway development plan, Chinese highway has basically formed a national highway network. However, China is a mountainous country, especially in Tibet. To build highways in these areas, road tunnels are required. With the accelerating pace of highway tunnel construction, people must ensure that the traffic flow in the tunnel is stable,safe and smooth. At the same time, the emergency traffic in the highway emergency rescue system significantly important.

The user has an environment: the fiber cable is now laid.  Recommended equipment: ZMUX-32

User demand: 30 channel telephones of the General Administration extend through the optical fiber to the highway tunnel. When there is a fault in the highway tunnel, the emergency call can be quickly made and the situation is reflected to the higher authorities.

Solution topology:


Solution Description:

The 12-core optical cable has been used as the transmission channel at the central office and the highway tunnel. The ZMUX-32 of the central office station provides 30 channels of analog users from the 30 channel loop relay interface (FXO) and the user-programmed switch (switchboard). The line interface is docked, and the audio distribution frame is used as the wiring for the purpose. When the 30 channel telephone signal is multiplexed into the ZXUX-32 optical transceiver, it is converted into one optical signal and transmitted to the remote through the optical fiber. The 30 channel analog subscriber line interface (FXS) of the ZMUX-32 from remote station highway tunnel optical transceiver is directly connected to 30 telephones and the next 30 extension numbers. There are 15 extension numbers on each side of the highway tunnel, and 15 telephones on each side of the tunnel are connected by a large logarithmic cable (each telephone occupies 2 core cables), and 30 telephones in the highway tunnel can be freely connected with the central office program-controlled switch. Any telephone extensions can be dialed each other, and can be dialed outside through the central office switch (switchboard), and the remote 30 channel telephones can also be played internally for free.

Program advantages:

The solution is cost-effective, and a pair of the devices can meet all the needs of user; the device occupies a small space, and the installation and maintenance are convenient; modular design, the telephone interface failures of do not affect each other; the disaster-promoting property is good, the multi-level lightning protection design, It has anti-4000V lightning strike, and it is rarely damaged in thunderstorm weather; it supports optical port or electrical port transmission. It can also support 1 channel 10Base-T Ethernet interface (10M bandwidth).

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