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Communication project of Electrical Power and Energy

Substation electric energy acquisition and communication scheme

The substation electric energy collection communication scheme is stable operation and data integrity rate, online rate, time rate, and accuracy. It can solve the problems of frequent faults, disconnection and packet loss, and ensure the stable and accurate transmission of data in the collection terminal channel.

This solution implements unified monitoring and management of the central office and remote devices; supports ring network protection and linear 1+1

Protection function: the network management system can handle centralized operations of complex networks composed of devices; the service interface supports self-adaptation, and supports the rational configuration of interconnection and interoperability with other manufacturers. The system is not completely interrupted for updates and business expansion is also very complete, providing a guarantee for future development.

Network diagram:

Substation electric energy acquisition and communication scheme

Programme features:

The network management system can centrally operate, maintain, and manage (OAM) to complex networks composed of devices to implement circuit configuration and scheduling to ensure network security operations.

Support unified monitoring and management of the local devices and remote devices; supports embed DCN to implement unified network management of devices; supports DCN protection capabilities to achieve self-healing of DCN networks;

Support standard Encapsulation Protocol (GFP) and mapping protocol (Virtual Concatenation/LCAS), which can interwork with MSTP from different vendors.

Support EOPHH Ethernet access, support GFP encapsulation, and dynamically adjust bandwidth.

Support the intermixing capabilities of cards (including SDH optical interface cards, E1 interface cards, multi-service aggregation cards, etc.) and hot swapping.

Support online replacement of a new main control panel, the service is not interrupted, the configuration information is not changed, and the configured functions can be automatically read from the service module.

Support standard clock functions.

Good compatibility and expansion, when a new service type card or a new version card is installed, the original system application or software upgrade does not affect the original service.

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