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Communication project of Electrical Power and Energy

Electric Power Dispatching access Network Solution


Based on the existing E1 link, the ZMUX-3300 and ZMUX-30 PCM are used in conjunction with the application. The substation user remote terminal equipment (RTU), monitoring data, voice telephone and computer network services are accessed through the PCM, multiplexed onto the E1 channel, and transmitted to the dispatch center.

This solution has good scalability and can expand various services according to user demands. It supports multiple function applications, such as multi-E1 access, intelligent increase or decrease of Ethernet bandwidth, time slot crossing,dual transmission channel 1+1 hot backup, etc.

1.Link requirement: the local central office station and the remote station over E1

2. User requirement: the central office station provides 4 telephones, 4 RS232, 1 Ethernet services to each of the 8 remote station.

3. Recommended equipment: the local central station is equipped with ZMUX-3300, and the remote station is equipped with ZMUX-30.

Electric Power Dispatching access Network Solution

introduction of equipment

1.ZMUX-3300 centralized integrated service access platform, which is one of hot selling device in our company. It supports the existing services of users and ensures the expansion of future services. What’s more it makes full use of the original transmission line resources to provide users with cost-effective access solutions and reduce capital investment.

ZMUX-3300 adopts standard 19-inch 6U chassis and plug-in structure. It has 16 board slots, including 2 power board slots, 14 IO service board common slots, and through optical fiber or E1 line to meet the requirements of unified access, multiplexing and transmission of 64K narrowband services and broadband data services.

2, ZMUX-30 PCM modular design, providing 30 service slots, can be fully equipped according to customer requirements and quantity, like a product tailor-made for customers. The device is easy to expand, and can effectively support the user's current business needs and future business expansion, providing customers with an economical and efficient solution.

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