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Mobile base station emergency cutover Master and spare BSC device switch

In the maintenance of mobile communication networks, when a switching end office BSC (primary BSC) failure, all base station communications under it are all interrupted. At this time, it is necessary to urgently cut the base station service of the switching end office BSC (primary BSC) to the vacant port of the other switching end office BSC (standby BSC). The cutover process requires the transmission to perform a large number of 2M circuit scheduling, scheduling the transmission circuit from one switching office primary port to the other switching office's free port. Since the transmission circuit is based on the lowest physical transmission plane, these transmission circuit scheduling tasks still remain in manual scheduling, which consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, and also takes a lot of valuable time, especially in the event of an emergency failure, which seriously affects the speed of repairs, which affects communication network recovery time and user perception.

Following the above situation, the emergency circuit needs to be rectified, and a digital circuit switching protection device is added between the BSC device and the transmission device, and the device is required to have real-time automatic monitoring of the master&spare circuit and computer remote control/manual manual forced route switching function. . When the exchange is used by the master BSC, the transmission circuit can be quickly switched to the spare BSC in the emergency plan through the network management system or locally through the device panel switch. At this time it only need to re-load the already prepared data by the monitoring room.


When the master E1 interface board (main BSC line) fails, it will automatically switch to the spare E1 interface board (the standby BSC line) after receiving the manual input switching command.

The ZMUX-1200 centralized E1 channel protection switching device meets the following conditions:

1. Monitor the status of the master and spare circuits,and report the alarm in real time;

2.When the device is powered down, the circuit can be shorted to the master edge;

3.The switching control can be performed remotely through the network management system;

4.The external E1 port of the device is an unbalanced 75 ohm coaxial connector(optional 120ohs)


19-inch standard chassis

Main system motherboard

Master and spare dual power supply

surveillance system

Service interface board: M12-4 (one board can support 4channel E1 data switching)

A chassis can support 1 to 14 service interface boards,mux support up to 56channel E1 data switching.

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