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Disaster recovery line backup system

Two sets communication systems that are far apart from each other. And they are affected by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, typhoons, etc., resulting in failure to work properly, thus affecting daily production, enterprise operation and causing unnecessary economic losses. Therefore, the construction of disaster recovery backup system is currently a large enterprise important task.

We can add the E1 protection switching device, the system can automatically switch to the alternate transmission link in time after the transmission link of two sets of off-site communication systems is interrupted, so that the synchronous switching does not lose data, and the system is significantly improved. Availability and business continuity.

Since the transmission line is from the lowest physical transmission plane, these transmission line scheduling tasks still remain in manual scheduling, which consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, and also takes a lot of valuable time, especially in the event of an emergency failure, which seriously affects the speed of repairs. When the E1 channel is used for automatic switching without damage, the switching speed of the disaster recovery backup system is shortened less than 1 minute.


From the above scheme that the user has reasonable choices for the primary and secondary transmission lines, the primary transmission is ground transmission, and the standby is air transmission, which invisibly increases the disaster resistance of the entire system. The primary and backup transmissions router from E1 link, they are respectively connected to the primary and backup E1 line interfaces of the ZMUX-122, and the BTS and BSC devices are respectively connected to the ZMUX-122 important E1 line interfaces. The BTS normally connects to the BSC through the ground transmission link using the primary port, when ground link is disconnected  then connected to the BSC through the satellite transmission link using the alternate port.

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