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Dual channel hot backup transmission link automatic switching scheme

At present, some important departments select the 1+1 hot backup of the main and spare transmission links when transmitting important internal service data. When the main transmission link fails, the system automatically switches to the alternate transmission link to ensure uninterrupted communication of important service data. Such as the user's important teleconferencing system, video conferencing system, important substation and other engineering construction, in order to avoid the line failure, users can use the E1 channel protection switching device to achieve the switching between the main and spare transmission links.

The following scheme is made by our company for client. One central station implements the switching between the 16 main E1 and the 16 spare E1 in the transmission link to the four remote stations. The main and spare 32 E1 are equally divided into 4 remote stations. One remote station averages 4 main E1 and 4 spare E1. Each remote station finally outputs 4 E1 for important data transmission. When the main E1 link fails, no damage is switched to the spare E1 link. When the spare E1 line fails, it can also be switched to the main E1 link without damage, ensuring the transmission and acquisition of important E1 data.

Condition: There are 32 channel E1 transmission link between the headquarters and the four remote stations. There are 4 main and 4 spare E1 links between each remote station and the central office.

User requirements: 32 channels E1 between the central office and the remote station  implement 16 main E1 and 16 spare E1 transmissions, each of which implements 4 main E1 and 4 spare E1 accesses, and finally outputs 4 E1 important.

Recommended equipment: central office: ZMUX-1200 (with: 4 pieces M12-4); remote: ZMUX-124


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