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Telecom 2M cable cutover solution (uninterrupted communication)


1. Important VIP users of telecom E1 data services include some important E1 data such as power, banking, and government departments. Once these important E1 data are interrupted, the impact is relatively large. In order to improve the communication reliability, the telecommunication can provide two different ways of transmitting routes, two E1 channels, using the E1 channel non-damage automatic switching device to implement the main and standby E1 channel cutover, 1+1 hot backup;

Solution description:

In response to the above situation, it is necessary to rectify the emergency telephone and add an E1 channel automatic protection switching device (no damage type) in the telecommunications equipment room and the VIP station (important user).

The device is required to have real-time automatic monitoring of the main and standby circuits, automatic protection switching without damage, or computer remote control/manual manual forced route switching, dual-supply main and standby power, and power-off straight-through.

When the primary communication failure between the telecommunication and the VIP site (important user) can be automatically switched to the alternate transmission channel without damage.


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