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Communication project of Army and public security

Bandwidth intelligence of office automation and video conferencing system

Office automation is a new type of office that combines modern office and computer networks. Generally speaking, the office automation system is composed of office equipment such as voice telephone, computer, fax machine,printer and so on. Video conferencing means that individuals or groups in two or more different places transmit audio and images to each other through video conferencing equipment and transmission channels to realize instant and interactive communication.

For the current domestic industries, office automation and video conferencing systems are built in each office, and each office is located in a different place, such as the public security department. Their ranking from top to bottom can be divided into provincial public security bureaus,municipal public security bureau, Public Security Bureaus of various districts, and then the detachments of the District Public Security Bureau have different office locations. In order to ensure that the upper and lower levels are in contact with each other and save capital expenditure, users generally rent only one 2M channel to realize internal telephone, network communication, and video conference communication between office offices.

As we all know, the 1 channel 2M channel bandwidth is only with 2.048M, of which 1 channel voice phone occupies 64k, and the remaining bandwidth is used for video conference image and audio transmission and office network transmission. In order to ensure the quality of communication, video conferencing or office network bandwidth needs to be as large as possible. However, due to insufficient resources, there is only one 2M channel. If most of the bandwidth is allocated to video conferences, the office network bandwidth is affected, which seriously affects office efficiency. Otherwise, video conferencing is affected, image distortion or not good conference continuity. In order to solve the above problems, the office automation and video conferencing system can be operated normally when the user 2M channel resources are insufficient. Yinxun has designed an automatic intelligent system to give priority to the video conferencing system when a video conference is required, most of the bandwidth is automatically allocated to the video conference system, and the conference communication quality is prioritized. A small portion of the bandwidth is allocated to the office network and the office phone is guaranteed to work normally. When the video conference is not working, all the bandwidth is automatically allocated to the office. On the automation system, the entire system does not require manual operation and it is stable.

Business access at each office

Business access at each office

Business access at each office

Business access at each office

plan description:

The user has multiple remote office points and one center point. From each office point to the center point, the user rents a 2M channel to communicate directly with the center point. The telephone (fax) interface and Ethernet interface of the conference automation system, the video image interface and the video and audio interface of the video conference system are all connected to the ZMUX-36, and they are multiplexed into one 2M digital signal, and the 2M channel transfer to the central station.

When an office video conferencing system works, ZMUX-36 automatically allocates most of the 2M channel bandwidth to the video conferencing system to ensure the smoothness of the conference. The remaining small bandwidth ensures the normal operation of the office phone and network to work, and the allocated bandwidth can be customized according to the user settings to ensure that the video conferencing system works in an optimal state. When the video conference ends, all the remaining bandwidth is automatically allocated to the Ethernet in addition to the bandwidth occupied by the phone.

The office automation system and the video conferencing system adjust the bandwidth to each other. The entire process does not require any manual operation, and the ZMUX-36 can automatically adjust itself. Finally, each office site forms a large local area network. The phone can dial the extension number of the other party to realize free intercom calls. The computers in each office can access each other and share the external line to access the external network. Each office can open video conferences with each other. And the bandwidth will be automatically adjusted, intelligent and flexible.

ZMUX-36 PCM cross-multiplexing device introduction:

1. Standard 19-inch, 1U height design, can be installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet;

2. Modular design, the main board and the various interface modules are separated separately;

3. Provide 1~4 channel 2M interface;

4.1~4 independent bandwidth Ethernet ports, 1~32 channels of various service interfaces, supporting more than 20 service type interfaces;

5. Support digital time slot cross function;

6. Support dual routing transmission protection function;

7. Support Ethernet bandwidth automatic allocation and adjustment function;

8. The business straight-through function in the power-down state;

9. The device has monitoring function.

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