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Communication project of Maritime industry

VHF radio protection transmission scheme of Maritime Safety Administration unattended


After the exchanges with relevant technical personnel of the Maritime Safety Administration, combined with the design and development experience of our company in the field of private network communication equipment, a set of overall technical solutions suitable for the unmanned VHF radio communication system of the Maritime Safety Administration is proposed. It is highlighting the scale of the system in business. , network structure, maintenance management, security control, emergency handling and other special needs, but also take into account the continuity and scalability of future business and applications.

Maritime Bureau customer status:

At present, one central station corresponds to seven VHF remote stations to form a point-to-point communication network.

The PCM multiplex equipment currently used by the central station and the VHF station is  five years ago. The VHF station one to VHF station five each transmission three channel VHF, VHF station six transmission 6 channel VHF, VHF station seven transmission 4 channel VHF

Each VHF station is an unattended site. If there is a radio failure in the VHF station, it is necessary to go to the VHF station for repair in person. However, the central station is far away from each VHF station. It takes a long-distance bus and then crosses the sea to get to the VHF station. Moreover, the schedule of each VHF station is uncertain. For example, if there is a ship on the VHF station only from Monday to Wednesday, if it is missed, it will need to wait until the next week. In this case, the repair time is too long to ensure that the VHF communication is repaired in time.

In the past five years, communication technology and communication equipment have made great progress. Based on the needs of the unmanned VHF station, it is proposed to upgrade the access transmission equipment of VHF data. This program can improve the service response speed of coast stations and improve the service quality of coast stations.

Maritime Bureau customer needs:

Customers need to add 1 set of spare radio to each VHF station, and each VHF station needs to implement N:1 protection for the station. There are N stations in the VHF station, and any one station can be replaced by this set of spare stations.

When any one of the VHF stations fails, the customer can operate the switch at the central station and immediately activate the spare station to replace the faulty station. The first time to resume the normal communication of the VHF radio station, and then go to the VHF station to repair the faulty radio station. This can greatly reduce the repair time of the radio fault and ensure the reliability transmission of VHF important services.

In response to the special requirements of the maritime bureau customers, Guangzhou Yinxun Communication Technology Co., Ltd. recommended a ZMUX-3036 multi-function intelligent integrated service access device, which can fully meet all the needs of customers.


In response to the special application requirements of the maritime bureau customers, our company has developed a ZMUX-3036 multi-functional intelligent integrated service access equipment. They have been in Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang, Hainan, Chongqing Tianjin, Tianjin, Shanghai, Yangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, and Zhangzhou etc maritime bureau customers, and is successfully operated for many years and have been unanimously recognized and praised by customers.

At the same time, our company has nearly 10 years of cooperation experience with the Maritime Safety Administration. We have been keeping exchanges and learning with the customers of the Maritime Safety Administration. We have carried out more humanized upgrades of ZMUX-3036 equipment according to some good suggestions from the Maritime Safety Administration

The maritime bureau unattended of the VHF radio communication system network diagram, as shown below:

VHF radio protection transmission scheme of Maritime Safety Administration unattended

This scheme recommends that customers add a set of spare VHF radio stations to each unmanned VHF station.

for example:

VHF station seven ZMUX-3036 four main VHF radio interfaces are connected to four sets of main radio stations, the frequency points are F70, F16, F27, F19. The ZMUX-3036 1 channel spare VHF radio interface connects to a new set of spare stations.

When the main F70 radio station fails, the customer can operate the centralized monitoring system of the central control center to switch the ZMUX-3036 spare radio interface protection of the VHF station seven to the main F70 radio interface. At this time, the VHF station seven customers can communicate with the central station through the spare VHF radio station, which greatly reduces the fault repair time and can restore the normal communication of the VHF radio station in the first time.

When the faulty F70 radio station is in normal condition, the customer can operate the monitoring system to switch the faulty F70 radio station back to the main station for use, or as an spare radio station when other stations fail, switch to replace the use.

ZMUX-3036 supports centralized monitoring of the entire network. The centralized monitoring system of the central office station can monitor the entire network equipment of the central office and the remote VHF station. It can be monitored: E1 link status, main/spare E1 protection, and VHF user port status. It can provide fault log query, query the main or spare E1 fault and user port fault for a certain period of time. It provides illumination indicator alarms, monitoring system sound alarms, and SMS remote alarms.

This solution can also be upgraded to dual E1 channel non-damage automatic protection transmission to ensure the reliability transmission of important VHF services in the future.

ZMUX-3036 also supports the E1 channel automatic damage switching function. At present, only one E1 transmission channel is rented between the central station and each VHF station. If one more spare E1 transmission channel is rented in the future, the ZMUX-3036 does not need to do any upgrade, the two channel E1 for main and spare can be automatically switched without damage.

Under normal circumstances, ZMUX-3036 uses the main E1 channel to transmit VHF services. When the main E1 fails, ZMUX-3036 automatically switches to the spare E1 channel transmission; when the main E1 returns to normal, ZMUX-3036 automatically switches back to the main E1 channel transmission. The whole switching process is automatic switching of the system, no manual operation is required, and the switching can reach the level of no damage, that is the VHF service in the switching process is not interrupted.

VHF radio protection transmission scheme of Maritime Safety Administration unattended

3.  Future

3.1 Introduction to the device

ZMUX-3036 intelligent integrated service access equipment is recommended for both the local and the remote VHF station.

ZMUX-3036 supports centralized network management monitoring. Customers can operate the centralized monitoring system to meet the protection switching between the main and spare radio interfaces of ZMUX-3036. The system can monitor the E1 channel status, the main and spare E1 protection status, and the VHF radio port status in real time, and can detect the fault phenomenon such as the frequent occurrence of the radio PTT signal.

The ZMUX-3036 is 19" 1U high and features a modular design that provides 32 universal module slots and 4 Ethernet slots. Each service module works completely independently, and one module corresponds to one user interface. For example, the failure of the first VHF radio module does not affect the normal transmission of other road modules.

The ZMUX-3036 provides four E1 link interfaces and supports dual E1 channel 1+1 protection or N:M protection transmission. The 4 channel E1 interface can also support full-slot cross-connections to meet special networking structures such as point-to-multipoint and E1 chain networking.

The following is the physical picture and structural features of ZMUX-3036

VHF radio protection transmission scheme of Maritime Safety Administration unattended

3.2 Introduction to Network Management System

Guangzhou Yinxun Company specially designed and developed a Monitor_v3.0 centralized monitoring system for the needs and usage habits of the Maritime Bureau customers.

The monitoring terminal of this project is installed in the central office control center, and a set of Monitor_v3.0 centralized monitoring system is installed, which can monitor and manage the whole network ZMUX-3036 equipment.

Monitor_v3.0 can provide a good operation interface. Users can easily establish a monitoring network through this network management system, and can detect the running status of any device in the system. The network management system adopts the WINDOWS interface style, and the communication status of the subnet/network element can be visually displayed on the network element browsing tree, realizing real-time monitoring and related alarm functions.

Monitor_v3.0 network management system has six management modules: system management, configuration management, fault management, maintenance management and security management. The management functions include three levels: network element layer, network element management layer and simple network management layer.

The network management system runs on an IBM PC-compatible personal computer. The operating system should be Windows XP or Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 or higher, and Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database.

Simple operation interface

System menu and toolbar: perform various instruction operations;

System device tree: displays various devices installed in the current system;

VHF radio protection transmission scheme of Maritime Safety Administration unattended

System topology diagram: graphically displays the running device;

System information column: divided into 5 parts, showing the line alarm, radio port alarm, and personnel operation instructions;

System alarm indication: use 3 color signals to represent the number of alarms accumulated in the current system, the number of confirmations, and the number of alarms that have been cancelled;

System Information Bar: Displays the current user of the system. When the monitoring is running, the current scanned branch is dynamically displayed.

Our company and the Guangzhou Maritime Safety Bureau customers began cooperation in 2005. The equipment was put into operation more than 10 years and they work successfully. Other maritime bureau customers who have selected a large number of products from our company include:

Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration (Zhanjiang, Jiangmen, Dongguan and other Maritime Affairs Bureaus and Deqing, Zhaoqing Port, Dinghu, etc.), Guangxi Maritime Safety Administration (Beihai, Nanning, Guigang, Zhangzhou, Liuzhou, etc.), Zhejiang Province Inner Maritime Safety Administration (Taizhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo and other Maritime Affairs Bureaus), Hainan Maritime Safety Administration, Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration, Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration, Dalian Maritime Safety Administration, Dandong Maritime Safety Administration, Yangzhou Maritime Safety Administration, Chongqing Maritime Safety Administration, Qingdao Maritime Safety Administration, Dalian Maritime University, Heilongjiang Maritime Safety Administration, Zhangzhou Maritime Safety Administration, Zhangjiagang Maritime Safety Administration etc.

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