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Communication project of Air control to airport

Satellite IP Communication System Solution


Through communication with relevant technical personnel, combined with the design,research and development experience of our company's private network communication equipment. we suggest a set of overall technical solutions suitable for satellite IP communication systems, highlighting the system scale, network structure, maintenance management and security. The special needs of control, emergency handling, etc., also take into account the continuity and scalability of future business and applications.

Transmission business needs:

AddressVHF channel
Radar(primary secondary)ADS-BRCMS
Central node5*4+56*23*19.2K3*19.2K6*19.2K



Statement of needs:

1) Node 1 to node 6 service data are transmitted to the central node, and the transmission mode is satellite IP circuit, and the total bandwidth of the central node is 2M.

2) VHF, telephone, and radar services need to be compressed.

3) All nodes reserve the device monitoring system for interface and bandwidth.

5)For all node devices, please reserve the ground line interface.

2. Solution

In response to the special application requirements of domestic airport customers, our company has developed ZMUX series special network communication equipment for airport customers, which can fully meet the needs of airport customers. It has been successfully operated for more than 100 airport customers in various provinces of the country for many years, and has been recognized and praised by customers. .

At the same time, our company has more than 10 years of cooperation experience with airport customers. Our company is a national high-tech enterprise,dedicating to produce PCM equipment and optical communication equipment etc. All products are self-developed, safe and reliable, and have strong technical strength. Industry leading position.

Main products: MSTP equipment, PCM equipment, SDH equipment, integrated service access platform, telephone optical transceiver, multi-service optical transceiver, E1 protection switching equipment, PDH optical transceiver, DXC equipment, communication engineering supporting products, and so on. The company's products have been widely used in civil aviation, marine, government, power, energy, railway, highway and other industries. They have been dedicated to more than 100 domestic air traffic control and airport customers, more than 100 maritime bureaus and other industry customers.

ZMUX-4102 Solution

2.1  Introduction

Each remote node is installed with one set of ZMUX-4102 next-generation multi-service access transmission platform, and the integrated services such as VHF, ADS-B radar, synchronous radar and RCMS data of each node are uniformly connected and transmitted through the satellite IP circuit to the central node.

The central node installs 6 sets of ZMUX-4102 next-generation multi-service access transmission platforms, which respectively correspond to the ZMUX-4102 network communication of each node to realize the multi-service signal point-to-point communication function.

2.2  Features

1) Optional satellite IP circuit transmission

The traditional PCM device is based on E1 circuit transmission. The ZMUX-4102 platform provided by this solution can realize multi-service signal point-to-point communication function directly based on satellite IP circuit, support IP transmission delay optimization, jitter buffer absorption, anti-lost and other functions. It can improve IP transmission more stable and reliable, and can set important service priorities to ensure that each service signal has stable bandwidth and does not affect each other, ensuring stable and reliable transmission of important services.

2) Support compression technology

The traditional PCM device's 1 channel VHF, synchronous radar or telephone occupy 1 channel 64K bandwidth. The ZMUX-4102 platform provided by this solution uses compression technology to compress the standard 1 channel 64K VHF, radar data and telephone into 9.6K bandwidth that can save satellite IP circuit bandwidth, save satellite line costs, and guarantee voice and data communication quality.

3) High security and reliability

The ZMUX-4102 platform has backup redundancy function from the working power supply, main control cross circuit, transmission link, and service port, support dual-master 1+1 protection, dual power supply 1+1 protection, dual transmission link automatic protection etc.

4) stable and reliable performance, good compatibility

The ZMUX-4102 platform has been successfully applied in the secondary radar transmission system of the Inner Mongolia Air Traffic Control Branch and the VHF transmission system of the Civil Aviation Tibet Bureau. The ZMUX series products have been successfully installed in many air traffic control, airport and maritime bureau users. It is used in conjunction with a number of well-known foreign radio stations, such as German R&S, British PAE, Italian OTE, American pioneer, Norwegian JOTRON, New Zealand TAIT, Japanese Kenwood, Australian Spectra, etc. The equipment is safe ,reliable, and the good compatibility.

The ZMUX-4102 platform is a plug-in card design. It can expand the service card to effectively meet the system business expansion in the future. Optional: VHF, synchronous radar, ADS-B radar, blind drop/navigation, DME ranging, DVOR Omnidirectional beacons, pointing beacons, non-directional beacons, meteorological self-contained data, automatic transfer data, weather radars, centralized monitoring data, and other air traffic control services.

6) One ground and one air protection transmission

The ZMUX-4102 platform can be switched between 1 channel air satellite line and 1 channel ground line automatic protection. The satellite IP circuit transmission is selected by default, and the ground E1 circuit interface can be reserved as a backup link to ensure the safe and reliable transmission of radar data.

7) Centralized monitoring function

The optional network management function can monitor the configuration information of the entire network ZMUX-4102 platform, the status of the transmission link, the link protection status, and the status of the service port.

3.Introduction of the device

The ZMUX-4102 next-generation multi-service access transmission platform consists of chassis,  power supply card, main control card, and IO service card. The chassis adopts 2U high design, which mainly completes the signal interconnection between the power supply card, the main control cross card and the IO service card. There are 10 card slots, including 2 hot backup power supply card slots, 2 main control cross card and 6 IO business common card slot.

ZMUX-4102 chassis is 19 inches 2U high.

ZMUX-4102 chassis is 19 inches 2U high.

Appearance size: 90mm (height) x 440mm (width) x 250mm (deep), with front mounting ears.

90mm (height) x 366mm (width) x 250mm (deep), without front mounting ears.

The front panel of the device has 4 LED indicators, 1 alarm buzzer and 1 ring button.

ZMUX-4102 back view

There are 10 slots on the back of the device, including:

2 slots for power cards (optional: single DC, single AC, dual DC, dual AC, one AC and DC)

2 cross main control card slots (optional: CL-1 or CL-4)

6 IO service card common slots (optional: E1/FE interface card, RS232 interface card, RS422 interface card, RS485 interface card, audio/E&M interface card, voice interface card etc.)


Dual power protection: optional dual power input 1+1 protection, dual power card redundancy backup.

Dual master protection: Optional 2 master cross card provide 1+1 backup protection.

Transmission diversity:

1) Wired transmission Optional IP circuit, E1 circuit, optical fiber, SDH line.

2) Wireless transmission Optional wireless 3G/4G, satellite, wireless microwave, wireless bridge.

Multi-link protection: Optional dual-link or multi-link automatic protection switching, multiple protection modes are available.

Multiple types of services: optional ADS-B radar, VHF, synchronous radar data, meteorological data, data, weather radar data, blind drop data, FXO/FXS, 2/4 line E&M, asynchronous/synchronous RS232, asynchronous/synchronous RS422, RS485, 10/100BASE-T, V.21/V.22, V.24, V.34, switch, CAN bus, magnet phone, hotline, V.35, G.703 The same direction 64k and so on.

Easy installation and maintenance: It can insert self-test test signals, check the channel transmission status, and assist the equipment to open and facilitate maintenance.

Centralized monitoring system: Optional network management function, which automatically loads the configuration information of the entire network, and can configure various port parameters and self-loop detection functions.

With independent development capability: ZMUX-4102 platform is independently developed by our company, has core technology, and applied for a new generation of information technology in Guangzhou, which can be customized according to the special needs of air traffic control users.

Safe and reliable product quality: Our company strictly follows the ISO9000 quality management system. All products have passed the 48-hour high temperature aging test, the 72-hour normal temperature aging test, and the telephone interfaces have passed the lightning test.

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