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Communication project of Air control to airport

Air Traffic Control Station Communication System Based on IP Transmission


At present, IP-based data services are rapidly developing. At the same time, many networks and services are converging around IP technologies. As a multi-service platform, IP networks are the trend of network development, and various broadband IP access technologies are emerging. And fierce competition, in the big open environment of the telecom operation industry, the competition of access networks, especially IP access networks, is particularly fierce.

Domestic civil aviation began to promote the application of multi-service transmission technology based on IP network, and strive to build a communication network integrating ground and air, continuously improve the layout of ground facilities and network construction, and improve the safety level, operational efficiency and service capacity of civil aviation as a whole, and increase Airspace capacity.


Guangzhou Yinxun Company proposed a new generation multi-service access and transmission platform to meet the application requirements of airport air traffic control users. It realized 64K narrowband services and broadband unified access, aggregation, switching, transmission and management requirements of data services through IP circuit, E1/2M circuit, optical fiber or SDH line. In addition to providing various traditional narrowband service interfaces and modern broadband service interfaces, also reserve the ability to smoothly upgrade for future business needs. The system's built-in high-capacity cross-matrix and high-throughput packet-switching processing module make the distribution scheduling of services in the network extremely convenient. The application of large-scale SOPC (system on a chip) technology makes the platform self-updating and upgrading.

In this way, both the existing investment of the user is protected, and the new technology is continuously introduced, so that the platform always maintains the technological advancement and is suitable for the current development trend of the IP transmission network.

Air Traffic Control Station Communication System Based on IP Transmission

Multi-service access and transmission

The remote station and the central station lease the IP circuit of the operator, and the remote service signal is connected to the ZMUX-4102 platform, and transmitted to the central office through the IP circuit to complete the multi-service signal communication and transmission function. It is compatible with VHF, radar data, meteorological data, blind drop navigation data and other common services for airports and air traffic control.

Dual route transmission protection

The traditional E1 (TDM) transmission network and equipment have ensured the safe and stable operation of the civil aviation communication system for many years. In the process of gradually establishing and perfecting the IP system, the E1 line becomes the final security backup, which is very necessary.

The service of some remote stations is very important. It is recommended to rent the E1 circuit of the operator and form a dual route protection transmission system with the IP circuit. The E1 line and the IP private line are recommended to be accessed in two directions, and space disasters are considered to avoid the occurrence of simultaneous interruption of the 2 channel ground line.

Ground-to-air transmission protection

Some remote stations can construct 1channel wireless 4G line as an alternate transmission route to ensure that the ground line can be transmitted over the air line due to the force majeure interruption, ensuring the safe and reliable transmission of important services such as radar and VHF etc.

The wireless 4G mode needs to use 4G traffic to realize communication transmission. The ZMUX-4102 provided by Guangzhou Yinxun Co., Ltd. has 4G flow control function. When ZMUX-4102 monitors the data flow of radar, VHF and other service ports, it starts wireless 4G transmission. When the ZMUX-4102 monitors the service port with no data stream, it only transmits the necessary handshake signals and device monitoring signals.

IP transmission is stable and reliable

The ZMUX-4102 can perform unified scheduling and configuration on the accessed service signals, and can set important service priorities to ensure that each service signal has stable bandwidth and does not affect each other, ensuring stable and reliable transmission of important services.

ZMUX-4102 supports IP transmission delay optimization, jitter buffer absorption, anti-drop packet and other functions to improve the stability and reliability during transmission, and to solve the problem of inconsistency, delay and even interruption in VHF voice communication.

Network diagram of one-place-one-air transmission protection

Network diagram of one-place-one-air transmission protection

Product description

The ZMUX-4102 next-generation multi-service access transmission platform consists of chassis,  power supply card, main control card, and IO service card. The chassis adopts 2U high design, which mainly completes the signal interconnection between the power supply card, the main control cross card and the IO service card. There are 10 card slots, including 2 hot backup power supply card slots, 2 main control cross card and 6 IO business common card slot.

Front view of ZMUX-4102

The ZMUX-4102 chassis is 19 inches 2U high.

Appearance size: 90mm (height) x 440mm (width) x 250mm (deep), with front mounting ears.

     90mm (height) x 366mm (width) x 250mm (deep), without front mounting ears.

The front panel of the device has 4 LED indicators, 1 alarm buzzer and 1 ring button.

ZMUX-4102 back view

The ZMUX-4102 has hot backup protection from the working power supply, main control circuit, transmission link, and service port.


Dual power protection: optional dual power input 1+1 protection, dual power card redundancy backup.

Dual master protection: Optional 2 master cross card provide 1+1 backup protection.

Transmission diversity:

     1) Wired transmission Optional IP circuit, E1 circuit, optical fiber, SDH line.

     2) Wireless transmission Optional wireless 3G/4G, satellite, wireless microwave, wireless bridge.

Multi-link protection: Optional dual-link or multi-link automatic protection switching, multiple protection modes are available.

Multiple types of services: optional ADS-B radar, VHF, synchronous radar data, meteorological data, data, weather radar data, blind drop data, FXO/FXS, 2/4 line E&M, asynchronous/synchronous RS232, asynchronous/synchronous RS422, RS485, 10/100BASE-T, V.21/V.22, V.24, V.34, switch, CAN bus, magnet phone, hotline, V.35, G.703 The same direction 64k and so on.

Easy installation and maintenance: It can insert self-test test signals, check the channel transmission status, and assist the equipment to open and facilitate maintenance.

Centralized monitoring system: Optional network management function, which automatically loads the configuration information of the entire network, and can configure various port parameters and self-loop detection functions.

With independent development capability: ZMUX-4102 platform is independently developed by our company, has core technology, and applied for a new generation of information technology in Guangzhou, which can be customized according to the special needs of air traffic control users.

Safe and reliable product quality: Our company strictly follows the ISO9000 quality management system. All products have passed the 48-hour high temperature aging test, the 72-hour normal temperature aging test, and the telephone interfaces have passed the lightning test.

Powerful centralized monitoring system

The centralized monitoring system is a centralized monitoring system designed and developed by Guangzhou Yinxun Company, which can centrally monitor and manage the ZMUX-4102 platform.

Centralized monitoring and management: The ZMUX-4102 network management signal of each node can be transmitted to the centralized monitoring center through the built-in management channel.

Network management access mode: optional Ethernet or RS232 connection.

Remote online upgrade: The ZMUX-4102 platform of each node can be remotely upgraded online through a centralized monitoring system.

Automatically load information: The ZMUX-4102 networking topology and configuration information can be automatically loaded.

Complete monitoring, management and alarm functions: Real-time monitoring of the status and performance of the entire network ZMUX-4102 (such as: power status, link status, service status, etc.), can set the entire network ZMUX-4102 configuration information (such as: signal cross, Link protection, radar rate, clock, etc., can simultaneously report the alarm information of the entire network ZMUX-4102 and refresh the view.

Powerful diagnostic maintenance function: ZMUX-4102 provides a series of self-test diagnostic functions for link interface and user interface, which can locate problems effectively and quickly. It can be looped back to various interfaces, and the diagnosis is due to ZMUX-4102 hardware or external system which causes a malfunction.

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