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Communication project of Air control to airport

Single fiber transmission scheme for meteorological observation data of air traffic control center


An airport project in China installed ZMUX-3032 telephone optical transceivers for five remote sites to meet the needs of the airport's life and work, and realized optical fiber communication with the headquarters through optical transceivers.

Due to the tight fiber resources of the customer, the air traffic control building has only one core fiber to the intermediate station, and each end station transmits all the services to the air traffic control building through this one-core optical fiber. This scheme can meet the voice telephone, V.21/V.22 weather forecast data, RS485 data and Ethernet data of each station through the 1-core fiber transmission to the air traffic control building.


1. The whole set of communication system equipment adopts ZMUX-3032,and the system consistency and interchangeability are very good. A device can be installed in another site when it is stopped by a remote site.

2. The whole system uses the lowest cost and the least amount of equipment to meet the needs of users. ZMUX-3032 is fully compatible with 1-core fiber transmission and continues to work stably.

3. ZMUX-3032 installation and commissioning maintenance is simple and convenient, plug and play, customers only need corresponding optical link interface and user interface. The ZMUX-3032 has a complete status indicator system. The customer can know the fault related information according to the indicator light and solve the problem quickly and timely.

Introduction to ZMUX-3032 Telephone Optical Transceiver:

The ZMUX-3032 telephone optical transceiver is a photoelectric integrated machine for optical fiber PCM multiplexing equipment. ZMUX-3032 directly accesses optical fiber and supports single-fiber transmission. It can transmit 1~30 channels of various types of service interfaces (such as: ordinary telephone, hotline, weather data, VHF data, PTT radio data, blind drop equipment Interface, radar signal data, beacon station data, monitoring signal data, computer network, etc.,) and various business interfaces support mixed insertion, to meet customer requirements for integrated service access. The equipment adopts the motherboard plug-in interface module mode design and development, and the interface modules are single-channel cards. It can install the quantity modules are base on the user demand, which is economical, and the maintenance and expansion is very convenient.

Single fiber transmission scheme for meteorological observation data of air traffic control center

Cascade point line loss is the important, but our company can guarantee the integrity and authenticity after data cascading.

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