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Communication project of Air control to airport

Meteorological self-contained system dual links transmission protection solution

This solution is to use ZMUX-4102 multi-service access and transmission platform to solve multi-channel meteorological self-viewing digital signals at the remote meteorology,which is based on optical fiber and wireless bridge dual links protection transmission, realizing the local whole network meteorological self-view centralized signals monitoring and management.



Each remote side install ZMUX-4102 multi-service access and transmission platform, which is responsible for accessing multi-channel meteorological self-viewing digital signals and multiplexing them into two channel network signals. They are transmitted to the local side through optical fiber and wireless bridges. It satisfies the dual links protection transmission of the terrestrial fiber and the airborne wireless bridge. Any one of the transmission links works normally, and the meteorological service can be transmitted normally.

A set of aggregation switches is installed at the local side to receive the two channel network signals of each remote side. By inputting the IP address at the server, the meteorological self-portable data corresponding to each remote side can be accessed.


1) Compared with the traditional solution, this solution simplifies the networking topology and reduces the investment of the local side equipment.

2) Support the dual links automatic protection transmission.

3) Each remote meteorological signal is assigned an independent IP address. Simply enter the IP address to access the corresponding meteorological port. The operation is simple.

4) ZMUX-4102 equipment can be selected for full system redundancy, including dual power supply redundancy, dual main control board redundancy and multi-link transmission protection, high security and reliability.

5) Real-time monitoring of the status and performance of the entire network ZMUX-4102, such as: power status, link status, service status, etc.

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