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Communication project of Air control to airport

VHF area control transmission solution of Inner Mongolia air traffic control

Demands to Inner Mongolia air traffic control: the distance between Hohehot municipality, ordos, Duolun and Xilinhot airport is comparatively farther, communication transmission line is rented 2 operators E1 channel and 1 channel of 64K/V.35 satellite channel, require communication equipment to achieve E1 non-damage switch, centralized monitoring could achieve service port monitoring, ensure high and reliable transmission of VHF and radar data.

Guangzhou Yinxun Communication Tech. Co., Ltd aims at demands from client, recommend ZMUX-3300 and ZMUX-3036 intelligent type PCM multiplexer, finished installation of engineering on 31st, December, 2014, can utterly meet demands and get affirmation from client.

The introduction of project aiming at this item is as below:

Networking diagram of VHF remote transceiver’s transmission equipment engineering communication system of Hohehot municipality’s control zone:

VHF area control transmission solution of Inner Mongolia air traffic control

1. System networking feature:

1)Master and spare PCM protection: ordos, Duolun airport as the important user, both offer two sets of ZMUX-3036 device to be backup each other and pairing usage, Hohehot is also offered 2 sets of ZMUX-3300, the one set is to be as online master device, the other set is to be spare device. User can immediately replace one of both devices, when ZMUX-3300 or ZMUX3036 malfunctions, to reduce malfunction repair time.

For example: 2 sets of ZMUX-3300 offered by Huhehot and 2 sets of ZMUX-3036 offered by ordos are to be pairing networking, as the drawing shown below.

ZMUX-3300 and ZMUX-3036 pairing network

2)Double direction remote control data: ordos and Duolun airport as the important user, respectively offer remote control data by two directions of Huhehot and Beijing, one of both directions is malfunctioned, also another direction could provide with contact.

Illustrate: 2 local side of Huhehot and Beijing offer respectively remote-control data for remote side of ordos airport, as drawing shown below.

Network diagram of two central offices in Hohhot and Beijing

3)2-ground & 1-air treble line protection: ZMUX-3300 and ZMUX-3036 both meet E1 line 1+1 protection of two operators in the ground and non-damage auto-switch. in consideration of malfunction case of device, the spare ZMUX-3300 and ZMUX-3036 device to be having prepared can be replaced immediately. If two operators are disconnected at the same time as force majeure factors, then one set of ZMUX-2106 device is offered, transmit through aerial satellite V.35 channel, to ensure the reliable transmission of the important service of VHF, radar.

For instance: Huhehot ZMUX-3300 and ordos ZMUX-3036 device are to be pairing networking, connect ground Telecom and Unicom E1 channel, achieve E1 line 1+1 protection, non-damage auto-switch, meanwhile, 1 set of ZMUX-2106 device is offered through aerial satellite channel, as drawing shown below.

Hohhot ZMUX-3300 and Erdos ZMUX-3036 pairing network

2.Equipment function feature

1)1)multiple networking way for choosing:

a.ZMUX-3300 match with ZMUX-3300 to be networking

b.ZMUX-3300 match with ZMUX-3036 to be networking

c.ZMUX-3036 match with ZMUX-3036 to be networking

d.Meet point to point or point to multipoint networking application

2) Double power supply protection:

a. ZMUX-3300 offer master and spare power supply board 1+1 protection

b. ZMUX-3036 offer master and spare power supply input 1+1 protection

3)Double E1 link protection:

Hohehot Municipality to each remote airport all rent 1 channel of Telecom and 1 channel of Unicom E1 channel, achieve Telecom and Unicom E1/ 1+1 protection. Under normal circumstance, Yinxun PCM equipment choose master E1 to carry out transmission; when master E1 malfunctions, device would automatically switch to spare E1 to carry out transmission; when master E1 is recovered to be normal, device would automatically switch to master E1; the whole process of switch reaches non-damage switch level, with 2M bit error monitor checked as zero packet loss rate. PCM real time monitoring E1 malfunction, auto-switch, ensure VHF data and radar data isn’t affected and disconnected while switching.

For instance: Hohehot Municipality’s ZMUX-3300 and ordos’s ZMUX-3036 to be paired networking, as drawing shown below.

Hohhot ZMUX-3300 and Erdos ZMUX-3036 pairing network

Supplementary instructions:the device could also upgrade and meet function of double optical port or one optical & one electric port protection, if client will build straightway fiber line in the future.

4)The whole network centralized monitoring:

a.the whole models of equipment produced by Guangzhou Yinxun company can be centralized monitored in one set of NMS software.

b.Local side’s centralized monitoring system could monitor the whole network equipment between local station and remote station.

c.E1 link monitoring

d.E1 protection monitoring

e.VHF, radar, telephone user port monitoring

f.Malfunction log enquiry, it could enquire Telecom or Unicom e1 malfunction, user port malfunction in a certain period of time.

5)Malfunction alarm way:

a.Equipment’s indicator lamp alarm

b.Voice box sound alarm of centralized monitoring system

c.Mobile phone message remote alarm

6)physical drawing of ZMUX-3300 and ZMUX-3036

ZMUX-3300 Physical drawing

ZMUX-3300 Physical drawing

ZMUX-3036 physical drawing

ZMUX-3036 physical drawing

ZMUX-3300 and ZMUX-3036 support service type:

The equipment service module supports mixed inserting, the interface type and quantity can be chosen and adopted according to user’s demand utterly, it could transmit a variety of commonly used service of airport user, for instance: weather auto-observation, weather auto-retransmission, weather radar, glide-path localizer, localizer, DME distance measurement, nodirectional beacon, non-directional beacon, marker beacon, VHF, internal telephone system, synchronous radar data, CAN data, computerized telephone, hotline, monitoring data, Ethernet data, etc.

3.Equipment ‘s performance testing and comparison between Yinxun PCM and Beili PCM

As requested by client, engineer from Yinxun and technician from Inner Mongolia air traffic control carry out onsite pairing testing to Yinxun PCM and Beili PCM, and use CMS54, HCT-7000 instruments to carry out qualitative and quantitative testing to Yinxun PCM device, carry out comparison to the data findings after analysis of measurement and performance index of Beili PCM, they all meets user’s demand, and Yinxun PCM device would completely replace Beili PCM device.

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