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Communication project of air control to airport
By transmission link, such as IP dedicated line, wireless 3G/4G network, E1 line, STM line, optical fiber, microwave, satellite link or wireless bridge, to realize the functions of integrated service data communication, like ADS-B radar, secondary radar, VHF, weather information, ILS navigation, etc.
Maritime communication project
Actualize communication service of controlling center to controlling branch center or controlling branch center to remote station, based on the transmission link of E1 line, IP dedicated line, wireless 3G/4G network and so on.
Communication project of power to energy
Actualize multi-purpose communication service of dispatching telephone and remote-control data, which are between dispatching center to dispatching center and dispatching center to remote substation, based on the transmission link of E1 line, STM line, IP dedicated line, etc.
Communication project of Army to public security
To provide with multi-purpose communication service, such as FXO/FXS, magnet private network, real-time communication, VPMN, video monitoring, etc. make sure safe and swift communication of army to user of dedicated line of public security.
Communication project of subway to expressway
Provide with flexible communication project for subway or expressway of private network user, through a variety of topology, of which star-form, chain-form or loop-form, etc. Actualize multi-purpose communication functions, of which dispatching telephone, equipment monitoring, Ethernet, video monitoring, which is between controlling center and remote station.
Other industries of communication project
To provide with one-stop communication project for private network user, to actualize multi-purpose communication of sound, audio, data, image, network, etc. it can meet effectively user’s current demand and future business expansion, offer economic and high efficient solutions for users.
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