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Communication Power Supply
NetSure212 C23

NetSure212 C23

Embedded power system

  NetSure212 C23 embedded power system has many years of   online operation experience, high reliability, high power density, high performance, all digital communication power supply designed to meet the network needs of 4G, FTTx, data communication equipment, transmission equipment and access equipment

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NetSure212 C23 outstanding energy saving and environmentally friendly features:

1. energy saving: dormant energy-saving patent technology, effectively reducing the overall operating costs

2. embedded installation, full frontal maintenance

3. environmental protection: meet EU RoHS standards and China's environmental protection directives, EMC meets EN55022 Class A



*designed with a standard 19-inch design for good versatility

*small size, light weight, embedded installation, saving machine room area and installation cost

*full frontal operation for easy maintenance

*wide input voltage range, strong grid adaptability

*the rectifier module has a wide operating temperature range and strong environmental adaptability

*non-damage hot plug, online maintenance

*full range of lightning protection design, providing multi-channel DC power distribution output

*with perfect battery management function, effectively improve battery life

*provide RS232, dry contact and other communication interfaces, flexible networking, remote monitoring

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