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Digital sharing device
24 interface RS-232 digital sharing device - ZMUX-DS-24


24 interface RS-232 digital sharing device

    ZMUX-DS-24 radar digital sharing device is a large-capacity, high-rate active data splitter that can share (copy) one channel of radar data into multiple channels, and provide up to 24 channels of radar interfaces, up to 64K.

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Product description

ZMUX-DS-24 synchronous serial port splitter with 24 interface, each interface can be arbitrarily set to input or output. The rate supports 9.6K ~ 64k, and can select DCE (internal clock) or DTE (external clock). It adopt 19-inch 1U rack-mount structure for easy installation and maintenance. Dual power input 1+1 protection, dual power card redundancy backup; cost-effective, providing customers with an economical and efficient solution.

It can avoid the input of the radar signal due to the mistake,and through the network management settings to avoid the radar signal ghosting on the display. The centralized monitoring system can be set and can monitor device configuration information, transmission link status, and power port status of the entire network.


1)24 channels radar interface can random combination,for example: 2 groups 1 distribute to 11, 3 groups 1 distribute to 7, 2 groups 1 distribute to 8 and 1 group 1 distribute to 4, etc.  ……

2)supports 64K, 48K, 38.4K, 19.2K, 9.6K, etc. The input and output interfaces can be set at different rates.

3)each radar interface can be set to input or output mode, and also can be set an internal clock or an external clock

4)provides 24 button switches to independently turn the corresponding radar interface on or off.

5)perfect indicator function, can confirm that each radar interface works as input or output mode and data communication status through the indicator light.

6)dual power cards redundancy,dual power input 1+1 protection, AC 220V or DC -48V optional

7)support centralized network management monitoring

8)support remote diagnosis and upgrade function

For example:

Configuration:2 groups 1 distribute to 11

digital sharing device

Configuration:3 groups 1 distribute to 7

digital sharing device

Configuration:2 groups 1 distribute to 8  and 1 groups 1 distribute to 4

digital sharing device

Network Diagram


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