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Air Traffic Control Airport Customized Products

Based on IP, fiber, E1 transmission equipment

Classic three-link protection application case


Based on IP line, fiber line and E1 line automatic switching: between the remote station and the central station, lease the operator's IP line, E1 line and fiber line, and access the ZMUX-4102 platform to complete the IP line and E1 line and fiber line automatic switching function to ensure the safe and reliable transmission of VHF, radar data and other services.


Ensure that important business transmissions are stable and reliable

Realize three-link automatic protection to ensure the reliability transmission of important services.

IP line protection

Fiber line protection

E1 line protection

Optional FXO/FXS, 2/4 line E&M, asynchronous/synchronous RS232, asynchronous/synchronous RS422, RS485, 10/100BASE-T, V.21/V.22, V.24, V.34, switching, magnet telephone, hotline, ADS-B radar, VHF, synchronous radar data, meteorological self-contained data, transfer data, weather radar data, blind drop data, etc.

Product characteristics

Adjustable gain

Adjustable gain through software, adjustable E&M signaling working voltage mode, etc.

Dual power

Optional dual power input 1+1 protection, dual power board redundancy backup.

Optional protection

Optional dual-link or multi-link automatic protection switching, multiple protection modes are available.

System-wide redundancy protection

Provides system-wide redundancy protection and the ability to respond to a variety of accidents.

Multi-type business interface

Support air traffic control and airport multi-service transmission, ADS-B radar,VHF...

Centralized monitoring system

Optional network management function, which automatically loads the configuration information of the entire network, and can configure various port parameters and self-loop detection functions.

Power monitoring

Support real-time monitoring of the working status of the central office equipment & the remote equipmentand 's external and inside power supply board

Dual master protection

Optional 2 master cross boards provide 1+1 backup protection.

Remote upgrade

Upgrade the software of the local device and the remote device online through the network management platform.

Based on IP private line transmission

Typical application


The MSTP device can be transmitted in the IP mode. All service signals can be connected to the ZMUX-4102 for unified scheduling configuration. The important service priorities can be set to ensure that each service signal has stable bandwidth and does not affect each other, ensuring stable transmission of important services. reliable

Some products in the market are transmitted through IP, the delay, jitter and packet loss of Ethernet transmission cannot be avoided, so that the voice heard by the user may be incoherent, delayed or even interrupted, and cannot be similar to VHF voice communication. Quality assurance is provided by businesses with high quality requirements. The device is optimized for the above problems, and the IP link interface supports transmission delay optimization, jitter buffer absorption, anti-drop packet, etc., improves stability and reliability during transmission, and solves inconsistency, delay, and even interruption in VHF voice communication problem.

Product Brief

ZMUX-4102 is a multi-service access and transmission platform independently developed and produced by Guangzhou Yinxun Communication Technology Co., Ltd., which can be based on IP circuit, E1 circuit, optical fiber, STM-1/4 line, wireless 4G, satellite, etc. The requirements for unified access, aggregation, switching, transmission and management of 64K narrowband services and broadband data services are applicable to the current development trend of IP and wireless transmission networks.



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