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Multi-service access & transmission platform
MVC8/E&M_ZMUX-4102 Audio (E&M) interface card


Audio (E&M) interface card

   The MVC8/E&M audio (E&M) interface card can be plugged into any common slot of the IO service card of the ZMUX-4102 platform. It has two DB44 connectors, and each DB44 connector can be connected to 1~4 channels to meet ITU-T Rec.G.712 specification of analog 2 wire/4 wire audio and E&M signaling. It provides a total of 8channel 2wire/4wire audio and E&M signaling interfaces to realize communication of analog audio and E&M signaling.  

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Product description

MVC8/E&M board provides M signaling time out protection. When this function is enabled,and the duration of the M line in the OffHook state reaches or exceeds the preset value, the time out protection will be triggered. At this time, the M line drive signal is blocked and forced to switch the M line to the OnHook state until the M line is not driven to unmask.

MVC8/E&M card can insert testing signals for each audio or E&M interface,to verify the channel transmission status, and assist the device to open and facilitate maintenance. It can set each audio gain through the network management software to support the data sharing function (all the way to allocate multiple channels),and is suitable for audio service broadcast applications.

Technical parameter index

Interface type: 2wire or 4wire audio/E&M (software settings)

Signaling method: E&M

Number of ports: 8

Uplink bandwidth: 1~8channel 64k time slots

Transmission code: 64kbps PCM meets ITU-T Rec. G.711 and AT&T Pub. 43801

Impedance: 600 ohms / balance

Transmission level: 0dBm

Return loss: >20db (300Hz~3400Hz)

Frequency response: 1) 0dB ± 0.5dB (300Hz~3000Hz)

2)0dB ± 1.1dB (250Hz~3400Hz)

*Reference frequency: 1020Hz

Transmit level: -10 ~ +5 dBm adjustable, 0.5dB ± 0.15dB per file

Receive level: -17 ~ +2 dBm adjustable, 0.5dB ± 0.15dB per file

Send and receive level threshold: -30 ~ -10dBm

Quantization distortion: 1) >33dB (-30 ~ 0dBm0)

                                       2) >22dB (-45 ~ +3dBm0)

Free channel noise: <-65dBm0 (+20dBmc)

Isolation: 1500VRMS

E&M Signaling Mode: Meets EIA RS-464 types I, II, III and V (similar to British Telecom SSDC5)

M signaling time out protection function (software start up and shutdown)

M signaling time out protection duration: 1~255 seconds

Audio test: insert continuous 0dB/1000Hz test tone

Signaling test: 1) M line: 2s/OnHook ~ 5s/OffHooK for one cycle, repeating cycle

                         2) E line: 2s/OnHook ~ 5s/OffHooK is one cycle, repeating cycle

Connector: 2 x DB44 (female), 1 out of 4 audio cable (optional)

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