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Multi-service access & transmission platform
MLS6/RS232_ZMUX-4102 RS232 interface card


RS232 interface card

   The MLS6/RS232 interface card can be plugged into any common slot of the IO service slots of the ZMUX-4102 platform. There are two SCSI connectors on the card. Each SCSI connector can be connected to 1~3 channels of synchronous or asynchronous RS232 data. There are total of 6 synchronous or asynchronous RS232 data interface, to achieve synchronous or asynchronous RS232 data end-to-end communication.

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Product description

Each RS232 interface of the MLS6/RS232 card can be started or turned off separately. A pseudo-random testing signal can be inserted into each RS232 interface to detect the statistical error rate. The self-loop detection can be set on the aggregation channel or subchannel to assist the device to open and easy to maintain.

Each RS232 data interface of the MLS6/RS232 card provides end-to-end communication of handshake (control) signals, and also supports RS232 data sharing (one-way allocating), suitable for radar service broadcast or radar service online monitoring applications.

Technical parameter index

Interface type: RS232/V.24_DCE (DTE is not supported at this time)

Number of interfaces: 6

Uplink bandwidth: 1~3 64k time slots

Reuse mode: compatible with X.50

Working mode: synchronous or asynchronous (software setting)

Working rate: 2.4kbps / 4.8kbps / 9.6kbps / 19.2kbps (software settings)

Asynchronous character mode: 1) Start bit: 1

                                                    2)Stop bit: 1

                                                    3)Data length (if valid, including it): 7, 8, 9 (software settings)

Synchronous timing mode: 1) DCE: Provides the transmitting (TxC) and receive clock (RxC) to DTE devices

                                              2)ExtDCE: Provides the receiving clock (RxC) to the DTE device and receives the transmitting clock (ETxC) of the DTE device.

                                              3)DTE: Transmit and receive clocks of DCE devices (this function is currently not supported)

Synchronous Transceiver Clock Edge Polarity: Rising Edge/Falling Edge (Software Settings)

Asynchronous/synchronous conversion: Meets ITU-T Rec. V.14

Connector: 2 x SCSI 68-pin (female), 1 out of 3 data cable (optional)

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