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Multi-service access & transmission platform
CL-1_ZMUX-4102 master control card


CL-1 master control card

   CL-1 card needs to be inserted into the two dedicated slots of the ZMUX-4102 platform, which mainly completes the aggregation, crossover, configuration and transmission of the each IO card service signals, and also provides the device network management and input/output function of clock.  

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Product description

Each CL-1 master control board provides:

2channel STM-1 interface: it can form an SDH optical ring network (self-healing ring), or directly connect to the operator SDH network to achieve wide-area service transmission.

3channel FE interface: each FE interface can be independently configured with parameters. optional working modes: 1) uplink interface, 2) downlink service interface, and 3) network management monitoring interface. Supports "auto-negotiation" and "automatic MDI/MDIX crossover" functions   . Built-in Layer 2 switching function, support VLAN function, when setting VLAN, each Ethernet interface can work independently and support port speed limit function.

Network management interface: Ethernet or RS232 serial network management interface can be provided. It mainly monitors and configures ZMUX-4102 and its interconnected ZMUX series devices. It can monitor the status and performance of the entire network equipment (including power status, link status, service status, etc.). ), support remote online upgrades. Each node ZMUX-4102 network management signal can be transmitted through the built-in management channel to realize centralized monitoring and management, and can also be transmitted through an external channel. The network management signal cascade of multiple sets of ZMUX-4102 platform can be realized through the Ethernet network management interface.

The CL-1 master control card can also provide 1channel node clock interface. To improve the reliability of the ZMUX-4102, users can select two CL-1 master control cards to provide 1+1 hot backup, or select single master control card work independently.

Technical parameter index

Interface type: Ethernet interface (FE1, FE2, FE3)

Number of interfaces: 3

Interface type: 10/100BaseT Ethernet (10M/100M adaptation and parallel/crossover cable adaptation)

Duplex mode: half duplex / full duplex

Working mode: 1) Uplink interface

                             2)Downlink service interface

                             3)Network management monitoring interface

                             * Any Ethernet interface can be configured with one of the above operation modes

Network standards: IEEE 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.1p and 802.1Q

VLAN: 1) based on IEEE 802.1Q

            2)based on Ethernet port

VLAN tag: support up to 64

Port speed limit: 0 (factory default, unlimited speed), 8k, 256k, 512k, 1M, 2M, 8M

Jitter absorption: 2.5ms ~ 200ms

Connector: RJ-45

Interface Type: Node Clock Interface (ECK)

Number of interfaces: 1

Rate: 2.048 Mbps

Type: ITU-T Rec. G.703, HDB3 coding

Connector: RJ-45

Interface type: serial control interface (RS-232/V.24 DCE)

Number of interfaces: 1

Interface rate: 9.6kbps asynchronous

Connector: MINI-USB

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