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Multi-service access & transmission platform
Multi-service access transmission platform_ZMUX-4102


Multi-service access transmission platform

ZMUX-4102MSTP is based on IP link, E1 link, optical fiber, STM-1/4 line, wireless 4G, satellite to realize communication transmission.

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Product description

ZMUX-4102 consists of a chassis, power card, master cross card, and IO card. The chassis adopts a 2U high design, which mainly completes the signal interconnection between the power supply card, the main control cross card and the IO service card. There are 10 board slots, including 2 hot backup power card slots and 2 main control cross card and six IO service card. They are protected the working of power supply,main control circuit,transmission link,and service port to ensure the safe and reliable transmission of service signals.

ZMUX-4102_Network Diagram


* optional dual power input 1+1 protection, dual power card redundancy backup. The central office equipment and the remote equipment can provide two power cards with complete independent operation, main and spare backup protection.

* support real-time monitoring of the working status of the central device's and the remote device's built-in power card,also support real-time monitoring of the working state of an external Emerson switching power supply

* optional 2 master cross cards for 1+1 backup protection

* support wireless transmission such as satellite, wireless 4G, wireless microwave, wireless bridge

* support wired transmission such IP circuit, E1 circuit, fiber optic, STM-1/STM-4 line

* support dual-link or multi-link automatic protection switching, multiple protection modes are optional

* support FXO/FXS/HOT/MAG/4WEM/2WEM/ G.703 /RS232/ RS422/ RS485/ V.21/V.22/V.23/V.34/V.35/CAN/ADS-B radar/VHF/Synchronous radar data/Meteorological self-contained data/Transfer data/Weather radar data/Blind drop data etc.

* support self-test testing signal can be inserted to verify the channel transmission status and assist the device to be opened and convenient for maintenance.

* support network management function, which automatically loads the configuration information of the entire network, and can configure various port parameters and self-loop detection functions.

* support online upgrade of software for local and remote devices through the network management platform

Network Diagram

ZMUX-4102_Network Diagram

ZMUX-4102 is self-R&D producted by Yinxun, and we have exported a lot to overseas.  It is simple,stable and reliable. We support ODM, OEM, as well as technical cooperation.


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