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Centralized integrated service access platform
M30/M32_ZMUX-3300 Multi-service interface card


Multi-service interface card

   The M30/M32 multi-service interface card can be used to insert any common service board slot of the ZMUX-3300 platform, which over E1 or fiber transmit.

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Product description

The M30/M32 multi-service interface card over 1 channel E1 or 1 channel fiber to transmit the telephone, audio, data, and images etc and realize the service signal point-to-point communication function.

The M30 card transmission link is an E1 electrical port, and the M32 card transmission link is a fiber interface.

The M30/M32 cards are designed as module, with 10 service interface. They can be assembled according to the customer's requirements. The device is easy to expand, and can effectively support the user's current business needs and future business expansion, providing customers with an economical and efficient solution.

The M30/M32 card has 10 RJ45 ports to complete 1~10 channels of general service access. One M30/M32 card can complete a remote service signal integrated access, corresponding to a remote network communication. Each M30/M32 board is independent and the faults do not affect each other

Technical parameter index

Interface type: E1 electrical port (M30 card link interface)

Number of interfaces: 1channel

Bit rate: 2.048 Mbps ± 50ppm


nterface impedance: 1) 75 ohms / unbalanced

                                    2)120 ohms / balanced

Line code: HDB3

Standard: ITU-T Rec. G.703, G704, G.712

Connector: CC4 coaxial connector (75 ohm / unbalanced); optional RJ45 connector (120 ohm / balance)

Interface type: optical interface (M32 card link interface)

Number of interfaces: 1

Bit rate: 16.384Mb/s ± 50ppm

Pattern: NRZ + scrambling code

Luminous power: >-5dB (long distance) or >-12dB (short distance)

Receive sensitivity: >-36dB

Connector: double fiber / FC / single mode / 40Km (standard); optional single fiber / SC / transmission distance 60Km ~ 100Km

Interface type: FXO/FXS, 2/4-wire audio (E&M), asynchronous/synchronous RS232, asynchronous/synchronous RS422, RS485, 10/100BASE-T, V.24, digital switch, CAN bus, magnet phone, hotline, V.35, G.703, 64k, etc.

Number of interfaces: 10

Connector: RJ-45

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