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Compact type access series
Intelligent PCM multiplexing_ZMUX-3036


Intelligent PCM multiplexing

    ZMUX-3036 over 1-4E1 cross multiplexing to transmit voice,data,telephone etc. It has 30 slots,4 port ethernet(physical isolation).  The device is flexible to configure modular, user can select the card ’s type and quantity (FXO, FXS, HOT, MAG, RS232, RS485,V.24,V.35 etc)

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Product description

ZMUX-3036 is interface modular design, and supports very flexible configuration, according to the customers’ requirement. The business interface module is a single card, to meet the needs of customers. It offer 4 channel E1,support 4channel E1 full time slot cross connection. Each E1 interface can independently carry service signals to realize single-directional or multi-directional communication functions. The device supports E1 line auto protection, 1+1 or N:M multi protection mode, and with network management function

It adopts 1U height standard 19inch rack mountable case, easy to install and maintain. The device has indicator light, which can show the operating status of the equipment. The device is widely used in electric power, military, maritime, railway, mining, oilfield, government, group companies, etc and get good feedbacks from clients.

Optical fiber integrated access device _ integrated optical transceiver _32 channels telephone_ZMUX-3036

Interface NO.Interface NameInstruction
Link interface4 channel E1 (2M) electrical port, 75Ωor 125 Ωoptional
User interface
30 channels user interface, designed as modular.It can be inserted according to the actual application (Compatible: voice calls, 4W audio, RS232,1 channel 10Base-T Ethernet interface (10M bandwidth).
System indicatorEquipment alarm indicator lights, running lights.
Power supply interface and Switch-48V DC power supply plug (green), power switch (red)
Dial switch10 dial switch, equipment function set
Network managementThe local network management interface, RS485 or RS232 optional.
Ground terminalEquipment grounding

* 1-30service interfaces,4 port Ethernet(physical isolation),1 module corresponding to 1 channel user interface, customize requirements

* support FXO/FXS/HOT/MAG/4WEM/2WEM/ G.703 /RS232/ RS422/ RS485/ V.21/V.22/V.23/V.34/V.35/CAN/ADS-B radar/VHF/Synchronous radar data/Meteorological self-contained data/Transfer data/Weather radar data/Blind drop data etc.

* flexible configuration and expansion

* support 75Ω or 125Ω optional of E1

* Supports the real-time monitoring function of the working status of central office device's and the remote device's built-in power supply, and also supports the real-time monitoring function of the external Emerson switching power supply working state.

* support centralized monitoring system,optional network management function, monitor network configuration information,E1 link status, E1 protection status, user interface status, etc.

* AC220V/DC-48V/AC220V+DC-48V

Network Diagram

ZMUX-3036_Network Diagram

ZMUX-3036 is self-R&D producted by Yinxun, and we have exported a lot to overseas. It is very stable and reliable, international standard. We support ODM, OEM, technical cooperation

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