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Compact type access series
Mini PCM Multiplexer_ZMUX-08E


Mini PCM Multiplexer

   ZMUX-08E is a desktop mini type versatile PCM Multiplexer. It has 8 interfaces + 1 Ethernet port,which over 1 channel E1 to transmit data,voice etc. (FXS,FXO,HOT etc)

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Product description

ZMUX-08E is a interface module design, flexible configuration according to client’s requirement. It has 8 cards, each one is a single & individual card. The device is mini size,small body,1U height, easy to install and maintain. It is with indicator,which show the operating status of the equipment.

 Schematic diagram of ZMUX-08E

Schematic diagram of ZMUX-08E

Interface NO.Interface NameInstruction
Link interface1 channel E1 (2M) electrical port, 75Ω or 125 Ω optional
User interface8 channels user interface, designed as modular.It can be inserted according to application . (RS232,RS485,RS422,HOT,FXS,FXO,4W E&M etc)
User interface1 channel Ethernet interface (Optional, modular)
indicatorEquipment alarm indicator lights, running lights.
Power supply interface-48V DC power supply plug (green), power switch (red).
SwitchThe power switch


* 1-8 service interfaces,1 module corresponding to 1 channel user interface, customize client’s requirements

* support FXO/FXS/HOT/MAG/4WEM/2WEM/ G.703 /RS232/ RS422/ RS485/Ethernet/ V.21 etc.

* 1 channel E1 interface conforms to ITU-T G.703, 75Ω or 125Ω optional.

* flexible configuration and expansion

* alarm function, support self loop testing

* AC220V/DC-48V/AC220V+DC-48V

Network Diagram

ZMUX-08E_Network Diagram

ZMUX-08E is self-R&D producted by Yinxun, and we have exported a lot to overseas. The device is widely used in 1-2 channel business. It is simple,stable and reliable. We support ODM, OEM, as well as technical cooperation.

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