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E1 protection switching series
16-in & 8-out E1 Protection Switching(Failover)Equipment_ZMUX-128


16-in & 8-out E1 Protection Switching(Failover)Equipment

    ZMUX-128 is an E1 protection switching device which can automatically switch between two grounds of E1 signals (lines) with different routes to meet the 16channel E1 lines to protect 8channel important E1 lines transmission.

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Product description

ZMUX-128 can provide 8channel master E1 interfaces, 8channel spare E1 interfaces, and 8channel important user E1 interfaces. It can access two grounds different routes of E1 signal to protect 8channel important E1 signals.

ZMUX-128 has four DB37 connectors. Two DB37 connectors provide eight master E1 interfaces and eight spare E1 interfaces, and two other DB37 connectors provide eight important user E1 interfaces.Four important E1 signal protection functions are completed by accessing two different routes E1 lines.

128-Sketch Map


* 19-inch 2U chassis

* support E1 framing or unframed format automatically switches without damage,zero packet loss rate with E1 error code tester

* support paired usage mode or single-ended usage mode

* support power-off direct connect to current state E1 or power off direct to master E1

* support E1 impedance 75 ohms (unbalanced) or 120 ohms (balanced)

* support DC-48V or AC220V power supply, or dual power input 1+1 protection.

* supports the real-time monitoring function of the working status of central office device's and the remote device's built-in power supply, and also supports the real-time monitoring function of the external Emerson switching power supply working state

* support centralized network management monitoring function

Network Diagram

128-Sketch Map

ZMUX-128 is self-R&D producted by Yinxun, and we have exported a lot to overseas. It is very stable and reliable, international standard. We support ODM, OEM, technical cooperation.

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