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Optical transmission series
PDH optical transceiver_ZMUX-100


PDH optical transceiver

    ZMUX-100 is a PDH optical transceiver,which over 1channel fiber to realize E1 and Ethernet point to point communication

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Product description

ZMUX-100 is designed as module,with 4*4E1 slots and 1 channel 100W Ethernet slot. It can provide up to 16channel E1 and 2 channel shared 100M Ethernet.

The ZMUX-100 has two DB37 connectors. Each DB37 connector can access 1~8channel E1 signals and provide 16channel E1 interfaces. It also has two RJ45 ports to complete 2 channel Ethernet access,2channel Ethernet share 100M

PDH Optical line terminal _ZMUX-100

ZMUX-100 diagram

Interface NO.Interface NameInstruction

Link interface

1 channle fiber interface, optional: single or daul fiber, single-mode or multimode, SC or FC, 40km or 80km or 100km.

User interface

8 channels E1 interface (2M interface)

User interface

4channels E1 interface (expandable to 8 channels )

User interface

100M Ethernet interface (2 channels 100M sharing bandwidth)

Dial switch

8 bit dial switch, equipment function setting

System indicator

Equipment alarm indicator lights, running lights.

Power supply interface and Switch

-48V DC power supply plug (green), power switch (red).

Ground terminal

Equipment grounding


* 19 inch 1U high chassis (mounted on 19 inch cabinet),weight is 4KG, 480mm (wide) x 44mm (high) * 210mm (deep)

* support FXO/FXS/HOT/MAG/4WEM/2WEM/ G.703 /RS232/ RS422/ RS485/ V.21/V.22/V.23/V.34/V.35/CAN/ADS-B radar/VHF/Synchronous radar data/Meteorological self-contained data/Transfer data/Weather radar data/Blind drop data etc.

* support dual fiber or single fiber

* support 4xE1,8xE1,12xE1,16xE1, also can support 2channel share 100M Ethernet

* support dual power supply 1+1 protection back up, central office equipment, remote equipment, each equipment can provide two completely independent working power cards, main and spare protection

* supports the real-time monitoring function of the working status of central office device's and the remote device's built-in power supply, and also supports the real-time monitoring function of the external Emerson switching power supply working state

* support network management function,can monitor the configuration information of the entire network, E1 link status,E1 protection status,and the user interface status

Network Diagram

PDH Optical line terminal _ZMUX-100

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