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maximum 64K radar rate high-speed radar digital sharing device

The increasing volume of flights, the increase in the amount of radar data, the traditional 9.6K, 19.2K rate can no longer meet the demand. At present, radar distributors commonly used in the air traffic control field, such as: BlackBox's PSD-4 and PSD-8, RAD's RSD-10, the maximum baud rate only supports 19.2Kbps, which cannot meet the development requirements of radar data in the future.

According to the above development trend, Guangzhou Yinxun has independently developed a high-speed, large-capacity radar digital sharing "ZMUX-DS-24", which can share (copy) one-way radar data into multiple channels. It supports up to 64K speed and provides up to 24 channels of radar interface.


Product introduction

ZMUX-DS-24 radar digital sharing device is research and development by Guangzhou Yinxun Comm Tech Co.,Ltd. It is a large-capacity, high-rate active data splitter that can share (copy) one channel of radar data into multiple channels, and provide up to 24 channels of radar interfaces, up to 64K.

Each channel interface of ZMUX-DS-24 can be set independently: 1) main channel (input) or subchannel (output) mode, 2) 9.6K ~ 64k rate, 3) DCE (internal clock) or DTE (outer clock). Each radar interface can be independently turned on or off by corresponding buttons, and the input or output mode and data communication state are determined by corresponding indicators.

ZMUX-DS-24 is composed of chassis, power board and main system board. It adopts 19-inch 1Uchassis, supports dual power supply 1+1 backup, centralized monitoring function, system remote diagnosis and firmware upgrade capability, and can be configured through network management system to monitoring equipment operating status, radar interface status, power interface status, etc., simple installationand maintenance, cost-effective, providing customers with an economical and efficient solution.



typical application case

1、1 group 1 distribute 8 network diagram


2、2 groups 1 distribute 8 network diagram


3、main channel and subchannel configuration at different rates and clock

features : The main channel is 64K, the external clock; the 8-channel sub-channel is 38.4K, the internal clock

Main channel and subchannel configuration rate and clock


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