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Guangzhou optical transceiver manufacturer | Focus on reliable production quality

Guangzhou Yinxun is a high-tech enterprise. The company was established in more than 10 years. All products are self-developed, safe and reliable, with strong technical strength, leading in the industry, China's well-known optical transceiver manufacturers.

The communication equipment has been focused on the research and development of communication network technologies such as optical transceivers, PCM equipment, optical communication equipment, etc. The main products include: optical transceiver, MSTP equipment, PCM equipment, SDH equipment, integrated service access platform, multi-service optical transceiver, E1 protection. Switching equipment, PDH optical transceivers, DXC equipment, communication engineering accessory products, and so on.

The company has been striving for excellence, and its products have been used in civil aviation, maritime, electric power, government, public security, military, energy, railway, highway and other industries. It has been serving more than 100 air traffic control and airport customers and more than 100 maritime bureaus in China. Some products are also exported to North Korea, Iran, Iraq, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Sri Lanka etc.


Guangzhou Yinxun's products have passed the authoritative CE certification, comprehensive testing of FCC certification, and have a number of national patent certificates, a number of national software copyright certificates, quality management system certificates. 

Optical transceivers are already mature transmission equipment in the security industry. There are more than 100 optical transceiver manufacturers in the country, but there are not many manufacturers with core technology, independent research and development, and strong security and reliability. To have the advantage of price and quality, so the our company optical transceiver manufacturer is definitely your best choice.

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