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Our company mstp equipment advantage

In the past few years, IP-based data services have been rapidly developing, and many networks and services have revolved around the development and convergence of IP technologies.

Therefore, our company promoted the innovation and research and development of MSTP equipment, MSTP equipment zmux-4102, it is suitable for the application needs of airport air traffic control users, it can meet the multi-service access and transmission platform and application. It can realize 64K narrowband service interface and modern wide service interface through IP circuit, E1/2M circuit, optical fiber or SDH line.

Our MSTP equipment also provides a smooth upgrade capability for future business needs. The system is equipped with a large-capacity cross-matrix and a high-throughput packet-switching processing module, making distribution scheduling of services in the network extremely convenient. The application of large-scale SOPC (a chip on system) technology makes the platform self-updating.


The advantages of Guangzhou Yinxun's MSTP equipment in air traffic control solutions are mainly reflected in performance and security. It can realize ADS-B radar, secondary radar through IP private line, E1 line, optical fiber or wireless 3G/4G to realize VHF and other important signals connect, aggregate, exchange, transmit and manage, and have hot backup protection functions for system working power, main control circuit, transmission link and service port.

Guangzhou Yinxun's MSTP equipment is suitable for the current development trend of wireless and IP transmission networks to ensure secure and reliable transmission of remote station service signals. It support multi-service access and smooth expansion, with sufficient access capabilities and effective support to meet customer's current business needs and future business expansion.

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