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Transmission voice telephone device

The telephone transmission is to transmit voice by telephone exchange, and the required transmission bandwidth is 64 bit/s. At present, the telephone has become one of the widely used tools, especially in the enterprise, the telephone has become an indispensable tool, and a transmission network can greatly improve the efficiency of the enterprise. The internal telephone network market of the enterprise continues to grow, which can reasonably reduce the communication cost, and has many practical functions such as caller ID and voice prompts, which is an important reason for the continuous high fever of the telephone transmission equipment. 

The commonly used telephone transmission equipments of our company include: PCM multiplexing equipment [ZMUX-30], telephone optical transceiver [ZMUX-32], optical fiber integrated access equipment [ZMUX-300], multi-service optical transceiver [ZMUX-3032]. These four devices are in line with the company's requirements, not only provide 30 telephone transmissions at the lowest cost, but also have a variety of functions such as caller ID and real-time billing.

PCM multiplexing device ZMUX-30

The ZMUX-30 is a new generation of highly integrated single-board PCM base multiplexer with the latest large-scale digital integrated circuits and thick film process technology. It provides 30 channels various terminal service interfaces directly on the standard E1 (2M) transmission channel. The rate of an E1 is 2.048 Mbit/s, which is divided into 32 equal time slots, and the time slots are numbered CH0~CH31. The time slot CH0 is used for synchronization of the frame, the time slot CH16 is used for transmitting signaling, and the remaining 30 time slots of CH1~CH15 and CH17~CH31 are used as 30 voice channels. Therefore ZMUX-30 can transmit 1-30 channels of user common data, such as telephone, audio and other data services, while ZMUX-30 supports caller ID and real-time billing.


Telephone optical transceiver ZMUX-32

ZMUX-32 equipment mainly uses various interface boards to collect voice, data, image and other signals and then transmit them through optical fibers to realize point-to-point. Almost same as the ZMUX-30, it provides 30 channels of 64K universal user slots, but the ZMUX-32 can transmit longer distances due to the use of optical fiber transmission, and the 31-slot can provide 10M Ethernet interface, and the also can support caller ID and real-time billing.


Optical fiber integrated access equipment ZMUX-300

ZMUX-300 is a fiber optic integrated access device that integrates PDH optical transceiver and PCM equipment. It mainly completes integrated services such as telephone, audio, data, image and E1 signals, and realizes transmission by multiplexing into one optical signal realize point-to-point communication function.


Multi-service optical transceiver ZMUX-3032

ZMUX-3032 is a multi-service optical transceiver, which mainly completes multi-service access such as telephone, audio, data and image. It can realize multi-service signal point-to-point communication function by multiplexing to 1 channel optical signal transmission.


The transmission voice telephone equipments are used in pairs, one is installed at the central office, and the other is installed at the remote station. The central office equipment is connected to the program-controlled switch, and the remote station 30 user telephones to realize distance transmission, internal exchange and other functions.

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