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Welcome foreign customer to visit our company

On August 1st 2018, foreign customer came to visit our company and test the products, as well as discuss some project application issues.


After communicating and exchanging, and learned that customer mainly involved power communications and airport communications, with special applications of some projects to confirm whether our products meet the needs.

For example:

1) The power station's central office has used other brands of PCM equipment, and the remote end selects our company's PCM equipment. Can it achieve normal business communication?

Reply: Yes, our company's PCM equipment is developed and produced according to international standards. FXO/FXS, 4-wire E&M, RS232, and other services are compatible and can communicate normally.

2) Both the central office and the remote station use our company's PCM equipment, the central office PCM provides a 2-wire audio interface, and the remote PCM provides 4-wire audio. Can the normal communication of the service be realized?

Reply: Yes, there is a successful case for this kind of business asymmetric pairing. Our company's products adopt modular design, business modules can be mixed and matched, and DIY configure.

3) Can support point-to-multipoint star networking based on fiber link?

Reply: Yes, our company can provide a fiber cross-connect device (optical port DXC device), which can realize point-to-multipoint star networking based on fiber link.


The customer is very grateful for our warm reception and has purchased a pair of PCM equipment for testing. If the test is passed,they will conduct bulk purchase and long-term cooperation with our company.

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