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Successfully customize TCZUMX-5 products for French customer

Our company received orders from French customer and successfully customize TCZUMX-5 products for French customers. The French customers' TCZUMX-5 prototypes have been tested, but some functions need to be tailor-made. In response to the requirements provided by foreign customer, our equipment has passed the function and performance test to meet the needs of customer.

TCZUMX-5 is a DXC digital cross-connect device that implements non-blocking cross-connect function of any 64K time slot between 16 E1s by accessing 1~16 E1 signals, and has the ability to process associated signals (CAS). The synchronous clock can be extracted through the line or the synchronous clock can be generated inside the device.



Less space: 19-inch 1U chassis.

Flexible configuration: modular design, flexible configuration of system capacity, optional 4 × E1, 8 × E1, 12 × E1, 16 × E1 four specifications.

E1 impedance: optional 75 ohm balance or 120 ohm unbalance.

E1 frame format: optional PCM30 or PCM31 format.

Channel-dependent signaling: With channel-to-channel signaling (CAS) cross-processing. 

Single broadcast: Optional one-way broadcast (point-to-multipoint transmission).

Network management function: Optional network management function, which can monitor the configuration information of the entire network, E1 link status, E1 protection status, and user interface status.

E1 monitoring: It can monitor fault alarms such as LOS, AIS and LOF of E1 line.

Power protection: central office equipment, remote equipment, each equipment can provide two completely independent power boards, primary and backup protection;

Power monitoring: Support real-time monitoring of the working status of the central unit and remote unit's built-in power board, and also support the real-time monitoring function of the external Emerson switching power supply.



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