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Successfully customize ZMUX-121 products for Indian customer

Our company has successfully customized ZMUX-121 E1 switching equipment products for Indian customers. For the requirements provided by foreign customer, the equipment needs to built-in wireless spreader into the ZMUX-121 which provided by the customer. Our equipment has passed the function and performance test to meet the needs of customer.


Customer requirements:

When the ground E1 transmission channel sends a fault, it automatically switches to the spare channel without damage, and the spare channel is sent by the wireless spreader provided by the customer to the opposite receiver. It can ensure that the business is running properly and achieve simultaneous switching without losing data.

Compared with wired access technology, spread-spectrum microwave access technology plays an irreplaceable role in the access network because of its low cost, flexible construction and fast speed.

ZMUX-121 features

No-damage switching: Optional E1 framing or non-framing format automatic switching without damage. The zero packet loss rate was tested with an E1 BER tester.

Power-off straight-through: Optional power-off and current state E1 through or power-off and main E1 through.

Dual power protection: Optional DC-48V or AC220V power supply, optional dual power input 1+1 protection.

Network management monitoring: Optional centralized network management monitoring function.

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