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The difference between MSTP and SDH optical transmission device

MSTP device

The SDH-based multi-service transmitting platform refers to a multi-service node that provides unified network management by simultaneously accessing, processing, and transmitting services such as TDM, ATM, and Ethernet etc.

Main features: Flexible bandwidth configuration of services, which can work in port group mode and VLAN mode according to service needs, can work in full-duplex, half-duplex and adaptive mode, QoS settings, and run independently for each client tree agreement.

SDH device

The SDH device is an optical synchronous digital transmission network. Main features: unified optical interface, self-healing ring, SDH network synchronization.

MSTP is a multi-service transmission platform based on SDH. It is only with SDH function,but also with the Ethernet function and the ATM function. It can simultaneously access, process, and transmit services such as TDM, ATM, and Ethernet, and provide multi-service nodes with unified network management. With the development of telecommunication networks, MSTP technology is also constantly improving, mainly in the processing of Ethernet services.

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