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Industry Information

PCM equipment in radar communication system applications

The PCM device system is the most commonly used integrated access communication device in Chinese enterprises. It uses the standard E1 data transmission channel and adopts PCM system to directly provide various user interfaces such as voice, data and image. The change of the radar system and the development of the radar communication network make the original radar communication equipment unable to meet the transmission requirements, and can not meet the development of the radar network. Through research and development, the use of PCM device system in radar communication system can expand the interface type, and can increase the network management function, which is a good method.


PCM equipment has many advantages, so it can become one of the most commonly used communication transmission access equipments in enterprises, and is widely used in important industries such as radar communication systems. The main features of PCM equipment and its application in radar communication systems.

I. flexible networking, large capacity

1. It can be a point-to-point, star, link, ring, and other networks. It can be used in conjunction with multiple transmission devices such as ATM and SDH. The networking mode is flexible and the network adaptability is strong.

2. Service access capacity: each centralized PCM multiplexing device system can access up to 420 various services with a rate of 64 kbit/s.

3. Trunk link capacity: each centralized PCM multiplexer system can transmit up to 14 E1 (14*30*64kbit/s) capacity services.

4.Cross capacity: It can be externally cross-connected to realize full cross-connection of 14 E1 and 420 time slots.

II.the configuration is convenient 

Using the tributary board structure, 14 independent tributary boards are used to insert various voice, data and other service modules, and various types and different numbers of modules can be mixed and inserted, which makes the service configuration and expansion extremely convenient. 

III.the variety of access

Provide ordinary telephone (user loop), hotline, two/four-wire EM interface, two/four-wire audio interface, asynchronous data interface (RS232 and V.24, etc.), synchronous data interface, N*64K Ethernet interface etc comprehensive business access.

VI network management functions

Users can quickly and efficiently test the setup parameters of this device by entering some simple commands through the management interface. It can use these commands to make any type of handover, ask for the status of the system, and do some simple diagnostics. The most important thing is that the network management software can realize the intelligent configuration and management of network-wide devices in complex service networking.

PCM equipment in radar communication system applications

In the PCM system design, the open bus structure is adopted, which uses the standard E1 transmission channel (G.703 standard) and adopts the PCM30/32 system to directly provide various user interfaces such as voice, data and image. At present, radar communication equipment basically develops products for the specific requirements of a certain type of radar, which will cause many disadvantages such as single interface type and poor scalability. If PCM equipment is used in radar communication, this will greatly reduce production costs, product serialization, modularization, and generalization, and product maintenance will be convenient

The centralized PCM multiplexing device can be plugged into 14 service tributary boards. The types 14 service tributary boards can be the same or different, and can be arbitrarily inserted according to the needs of the use. In this way, the function expansion of the tributary board is relatively simple, and according to the needs of the user, different functional modules can be inserted to meet the requirements.

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