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Industry Information

PCM device broadcast transmission method

PCM device broadcast transmission refers to one way transmission method from one transmission point/signal source to multiple receiving points.

Different from the traditional PCM device transmission mode, the broadcast mode transmission is a one-way transmission application corresponding to multiple receiving points, and each receiving point cannot transmit data to other points as a transmitting point.

The traditional PCM device transmission method is point-to-point transmission. Each transmission point has a "corresponding" receiving point, and each point can be used as a sender or a receiver.


It should be noted that the PCM broadcast is for the time slot. From the above figure, we can see that the transmission time slot broadcasts data to four reception time slots respectively, and the number of broadcast stations depends on the maximum number of 2M circuits supported by the sender PCM device.

For broadcast transmission, one problem that needs to be considered is attenuation. The performance of PCM equipment is still important, followed by cable attenuation and anti-interference, otherwise the transmission quality will be affected. At present, PCM device broadcast mode is more used in analog audio transmission, such as: radio audio, on-site broadcast, radio system etc.

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