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Industry Information

PCM function

The PCM device functions are mainly divided into four parts: access and multiplexing, time slot crossing, 2M line protection, and interface test functions.

Multiplexing function:

User service access and multiplexing is the most basic function of PCM equipment. It converts the analog signal of low-speed service into digital signal, and loads one 64kbit/s time slot, and finally multiplexes 32*64kbit/s time slots into one 2Mbit/s signal extends to the opposite end. The PCM device has a total of 32 time slots, each time slot is 64 kbit/s, where in the 0th time slot is a frame synchronization sequence, the 16th time slot is control signaling, and the remaining 30 time slots are used to transmit user low speed services.

Time slot crossing function:

Traditional PCM devices are point-to-point communication, that is the first time slot of the A device can only communicate with the first time slot of the B device. The time slot crossing function can interconnect the first time slot of the A device with the second time slot of the B device. This function can implement multi-directional networking and save a lot of device resources. For example, through the time slot cross-connection, the time slots of the A devices 1, 2, 3, and 4 can be mutually communicated with the one time slot of the B, C, D, and E devices, and one PCM corresponds to the four PCM devices. In addition, the PCM time slot crossover function can also be applied in the broadcast mode, that is the A device 1 time slot corresponds to the first time slot broadcast of the B, C, D, and E devices, and this function is ZMUX-36

2M line protection function:

2M protection can be 1+1 protection and n:m protection mode, 1+1 protection is no damage protection, and n:m is damage protection, and can multi-channel protect 1 important 2M line. For example, if the user provides two sets of 2M lines, one of them can be used for the primary transmission user service, and the other group is used for backup. When the main 2M line fails, it can automatically switch to the standby 2M for transmission without damage, so that the whole system safety and stability have been greatly improved, making the emergence of 2M line faults less serious.

Interface test function:

At present, most of the PCM devices are only a product extension service for users, and do not have test functions, and the ZMUX-36 can support telephone, audio/EM, RS232/422/485, Ethernet and so on 30 interface performance with testing functions to meet the special needs of important users.


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