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Industry Information

PCM expansion slot

The expansion slot is to expand the slots for some other functional devices according to the needs of users. The PCM expansion slot can also be compared with the computer motherboard expansion slot. The two uses are similar. For example, the computer motherboard expansion slot is used for independent sound card, independent network card, and some special hardware used on industrial control machines. The PCM device expansion slot is used to expand the user interface slots of telephone, audio (E/M), RS232/RS422/RS485, and network to meet various needs of users.

Generally PCM devices provide 30 expansion slots, but due to the large number of PCM manufacturers, there are slight differences. Some manufacturers of PCM devices can provide one user interface for one expansion slot, but some can provide multiple user interfaces. There are 31 slots (expansion slots) installed on the ZMUX-30 mainboard. The 1-30 slots are universal slots, can mix and match all types of service modules. The corresponding slot on the back of the device is 1 to 30 RJ45 sockets. The 31 slot is fixed into the 10Mbps line-rate Ethernet module, and the RJ45 socket with 10Base_T is printed on the back of the device. Each expansion slot has a one-to-one correspondence with the wiring port (user interface) behind the device.



The PCM device adopts an expansion slot "plug-in" structure and has the following advantages:

1. The expansion slot can be inserted into the corresponding module to extend the PCM function. If you want to transfer some service, you can insert the corresponding module. 

2. Can be mixed and inserted without mutual interference. 

3. Easy installation and maintenance, support for hot swap.

4. Good capacity expansion.

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