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SDH optical transceiver main application

The optical transceiver is the terminal device for optical signal transmission. The optical transceivers should be classified into video optical transceivers, audio optical transceivers, data optical transceivers, Ethernet optical transceivers, and it is into three categories: PDH, SPDH, and SDH.

DH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy), which is defined according to the ITU-T recommendation, provides a corresponding level of information structure for the transmission of digital signals of different speeds, including a multiplexing method and a mapping method, and a related synchronization method technical system.

The SDH optical transceiver has a large capacity, generally 16E1 to 4032E1. Now it is widely used in optical networks, SDH optical terminals are a kind of terminal equipment used in optical networks.

SDH optical transceiver main application

SDH transmission equipment has been greatly developed in the field of wide area network and private network. Telecom operators such as China Telecom, China Unicom, and Radio and Television have built large-scale SDH-based backbone optical transmission networks.

Operators use large-capacity SDH loops to carry IP services, ATM services, fiber-optic integrated access equipment, or lease directly to enterprises and institutions in the form of leased circuits.

Some large private networks also use SDH technology to set up SDH optical loops inside the system to carry various services. For example, the power system uses the SDH loop to carry internal data, remote control, video, voice and other services.

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