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Industry Information

Principle and application of PDH equipment

With the development of communication in the 5G era, the popularity and wide application of the network, and the new addition of new telecom services have emerged, and higher requirements have been placed on the reliability, flexibility and pertinence of the transmission network.

As a new system combining high-speed and large-capacity optical fiber transmission technology and intelligent network technology, PDH has been widely used.

ZMUX-100 device:

ZMUX-100 is a PDH optical transmission equipment, which mainly completes the E1 and Ethernet service access, and realizes the point-to-point communication function of the E1 signal and the Ethernet signal by multiplexing to one optical signal transmission.

The ZMUX-100 is modular and provides four 4×E1 module slots and one channel 100M Ethernet module slot. It can provide up to 16 E1 signals and 2 channel shared 100M Ethernet signals.

ZMUX-100 has two DB37 connectors. Each DB37 connector can access 1~8 E1 signals and provide 16 channel E1 interfaces. The ZMUX-100 has two RJ45 ports for 2 channel 100M sharing Ethernet signal access.

main feature:

Less space: 19-inch 1U chassis.

Optical link port: Optional dual fiber or single fiber.

Flexible configuration: Optional 4*E1, 8*E1, 12*E1, 16*E1, and optional 2 channels shared 100M Ethernet.

Dual power protection: Optional dual power input 1+1 protection. Central office equipment, remote equipment, each equipment can provide two completely independent power boards, primary and backup protection;

Power monitoring: Support real-time monitoring of the working status of the built-in power supply board of the central office equipment and remote equipment, and also support the real-time monitoring function of the external working status of the Emerson switching power supply;

Centralized monitoring system: Optional network management function, which can monitor the configuration information of the entire network, E1 link status, E1 protection status, and user interface status.

interface type

Optional FXO/FXS, 2/4 line E&M, asynchronous/synchronous RS232, asynchronous/synchronous RS422, RS485, 10BASE-T, V.21/V.22, V.24, V.34, switching, CAN bus, Magnet phone, hotline, V.35, G.703 co-direction 64k, ADS-B radar, VHF, synchronous radar data, meteorological self-view data, transfer data, weather radar data, blind drop data and other business modules .

Option I

The point-to-point communication between the central station and the remote station is through the optical fiber. The central station 1~16 E1 interface (2M interface) and the 1~2 channel sharing rate 100M Ethernet are connected to the ZMUX-100 and converted into optical signals, and then connected to the optical fiber transmission to the opposite station for restoration.


Option II

The ZMUX-30 of the remote N station is connected to the 60channel telephone (optional with other services) to be multiplexed into two E1 signals, and is cascaded to the ZMUX-100 through the E1 interface (2M interface), and then converted into an optical signal, and transmitted to the optical signal through the optical fiber to the opposite end.


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