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Industry Information

Networking scheme of ZMUX-30PCM multi-service multiplexing equipment

1. Power dispatch automation communication network solution

Description of the power dispatch automation communication network - program:

Conditional: An SDH transmission network exists between the central office station and the 10 remote sites, and an E1/2M link is provided through the SDH ring network.

User requirements: Each remote site transmits telephone, remote data, and Ethernet to the central office.

The data telecontrol signal is transmitted through RS232, and the analog telecontrol signal is transmitted through the four-wire EM.

Recommended equipment: central office: ZMUX-3300 centralized PCM multiplexing equipment

       remote station: ZMUX-30 PCM Multiplexer

Solution Description: Based on the existing E1/2M link conditions, the ZMUX-3300 device and the ZMUX-30 device are used to multiplex the telephone, remote data, and Ethernet services to the E1 channel, and then extend the remote site. The PCM device enables central monitoring. In the future, it can be expanded, and it can be realized at any time by adding a board.


2. Public security third and fourth level information communication network plan 

plan description:

This scheme is a network diagram of the internal telephone and network communication of the public security level. Based on the existing E1 transmission link, a point-to-multipoint public security information communication system needs to be established, and 8 channel telephones & 1 channel Ethernet are transmitted at each point. The ZMUX-3300 of the central office chassis is connected to the ZMUX-30 of the each remote station, and a star network topology is built to transmit the services required by the user to the N remote terminals. In the future, when build a new security bureau or police station, only need to add one board to the central office and add one device to the far end.

A. link requirements: E1 (2M)

B. Recommended equipment: central office ZMUX-3300; remote station ZMUX-30


3. Force video voice network integrated communication system

plan description

A force has built an E1 transmission network and a fiber-optic transmission link, and wants to transmit voice telephone, magnet phone, Ethernet, surveillance data, teleconference, video conference, etc. through E1 and optical fiber.

The following scheme is based on 2M (E1, G.703) transmission using PCM multiplexing device ZMUX-30, can be optionally equipped with 1~30 way user interface (telephone/fax interface, hotline, magnet phone, two/four Line audio, etc.; based on fiber optic transmission using the telephone optical transceiver ZMUX-32, can provide 10M wire speed Ethernet, can also be optionally equipped with 1~30 way user interface (telephone / fax interface, hotline, magnet phone, two / Four-wire audio, etc.; based on fiber-optic transmission using PDH optical transceiver ZMUX-100 + PCM multiplexing device ZMUX-30, can provide user interface: 4 * E1 (or 8 * E1, 12 * E1, 16 * E1), 2 channel Ethernet sharing line speed 100M, 1~30 way (telephone/fax interface, hotline, magnet phone, 2/4-wire audio, etc.).

A. link requirements: customers need to provide E1 (2M) and fiber link

B. recommended equipment: PCM multiplexing equipment ZMUX-30; telephone optical transceiver ZMUX-32; PDH optical transceiver ZMUX-100


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