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MSAP technology

Muti-Services Access Platform (MSAP) uses traditional SDH technology, based on SDH technology, adopts advanced GFP, VCAT and LCAS technologies, and combines Ethernet switching technology and ATM switching technology to achieve Integrated transmission of TDM services, Ethernet services, and ATM services. In addition, MSAP can provide low-speed Nx64k leased lines and Ethernet extended services (EoXDSL).

Considering the expansion of fiber optic integrated access equipment in the future, the customers are increasingly hoping to directly connect optical fibers to enterprises. Therefore, providing Nx64k leased lines on MSAP is a more realistic option. When the MSAP platform is used as the CPE device of the enterprise, it can not only provide dedicated line services with better transmission distance and better quality, but also provide other services such as voice private line, Ethernet dedicated line and high-speed data access.

The MSAP platform absorbs the advantages of flexible networking and reliable protection of the SDH transmission platform, and extends the advanced and mature SDH technology for TDM services into Ethernet applications, thereby enabling more efficient and reliable access to Ethernet services. MSAP handles Ethernet in three basic forms: point-to-point transparent transmission, L2 aggregation + transparent transmission, and Ethernet shared ring.

The MSAP platform fully considers the needs of different users for Ethernet services, and provides different ways of Ethernet access to meet the specific needs of users.

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