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MSTP technology

MSTP is based on the SDH platform to realize TDM, ATM, and Ethernet etc multi-service access, processing, transmission, and provides unified network management and implements of multiple services node. Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) uses the Modified Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) protocol called Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)

Based on SDH multi-service transport node has the following main functional features in addition to the functions of the standard SDH transport node.

(1) Access function with TDM service, ATM service or Ethernet service;

(2) The transmission function with TDM service, ATM service or Ethernet service includes point-to-point transparent transmission function;

(3) Bandwidth statistical multiplexing function with ATM service or Ethernet service;

(4) An assignment function that has an ATM service or an Ethernet service mapped to an SDH virtual container;

The SDH-based multi-service transport node can be applied to the access layer and convergence layer of the transport network according to the network requirements, and the application in the backbone layer needs to be studied.

MSTP technical features:


1. Flexible bandwidth configuration of services

2. It can work in port group mode and VLAN mode according to the needs of services. The VLAN mode can be divided into access mode and trunk mode:

3. It can work in full-duplex, half-duplex and adaptive mode, with MAC address self-learning function;

4. Provide integrated network management functions;

5. Run the spanning tree protocol independently for each client;

6, support a variety of physical interfaces, support a variety of protocols.

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