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How to set up a telephone LAN

Telephone local area network

At this time, we can use the program-controlled switch. In short, it is the main device for realizing communication between the internal telephones of the enterprise. Just like the network switch, it can realize the same principle that each computer terminal in the enterprise communicates with each other, and the program-controlled switch connected terminal side is a telephone, and a dedicated extension number can be set for each telephone. This extension number is like a network segment with a dedicated IP address.

When a call is required between extensions in the enterprise, you only need to dial the extension number of the telephone that needs to be called after picking up the phone, and you can make a free call. The function of the program-controlled switch is mainly to use the modern computer technology to control the connection of the telephone communication system through the computer program, and can establish the connection between the calling user and the called user according to the call request of the user and the control part of the connection command. The connection path is used to realize the connection between various subscriber lines and exchanges, and the storage program and various commands are executed according to the requirements of external users and internal maintenance management, thereby controlling the corresponding hardware to implement the exchange and management functions.

For example, the program-controlled switch can identify the called number sent by the calling user and control the switching network to connect. It is also possible to execute corresponding software according to the operation of the calling party and the called party send a dial tone, a busy tone, a ringback tone signal to the calling user, or send a ringing signal to the called user.


Telephone LAN extension

With the rapid development of the economy and the improvement of work efficiency, many enterprises have successively built new offices due to the development needs of enterprises. The new office will be connected to the telephone LAN of the corporate headquarters to enable internal calls to the corporate headquarters. If the distance between the branch office and the headquarters is relatively close, then the user's telephone line can be directly extended on the program-controlled switch, and then connected to the telephone of the branch office.

However, we all know that the headquarters and branch offices, or branch offices and branch offices, are not in the same area under normal circumstances. Therefore, it is difficult to implement the method of extending the subscriber line directly on the program-controlled switch. First: safety is not high, easy to be struck by lightning; second: transmission is unstable, copper cable attenuation is large, it is easy to cause noise and loud interference in the telephone; third: expansion and maintenance is extremely inconvenient.

At this time, we can use the telephone optical transceiver to realize the remote extension of the user line of the program-controlled switch. With the maturity of the domestic communication equipment industry, the telephone optical transceiver is already a very mature product, which breaks the internal long-distance communication: the construction and maintenance are difficult, the system security is not high, and the transmission is unstable.

It mainly connects and multiplexes the telephone subscriber lines coming out of the switch, converts them into optical signals and transmits them to the remote end through optical fibers. The telephone optical transceiver has the advantages of long transmission distance, strong confidentiality, strong anti-interference ability, good transmission performance and large capacity. It is a commonly used telephone line optical fiber transmission equipment.


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