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The difference between MSTP and MSAP

The concept of them

MSTP refers to the multi-service node that provides unified network management based on the SDH platform and implements access, processing, and transmission of multiple services such as TDM, ATM, and Ethernet. Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) uses the Modified Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) protocol, called the Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP).

MASP adopts the traditional SDH technology, based on SDH technology, adopts advanced GFP, VCAT and LCAS technologies, and combines Ethernet switching technology and ATM switching technology to realize integrated transmission of TDM service, Ethernet service and ATM service.

The difference between them

The technology implementation is similar. MSAP is mostly used in the access layer and provides multiple interfaces. The services are basically encapsulated into the SDH load (using GFP or other methods), while the MSTP function is similar, but can be extended to the metro core or aggregation layer. .

Because the SDH device is prepared for transmission, there are not many service boards that can be matched with the MSTP. Generally, the POS board and the Ethernet board are used. At the same time, the price of the main device and the service board is high, and is generally placed in the metropolitan area network or the core of business use.

In order to use the SDH network as an access network, the MSAP compensates for the problem of the SDH device service board type being less. MSAP also needs to access the SDH network, and can provide interfaces such as E1, Ethernet, V.35, etc. The interface type is rich, and the price is relatively cheap compared to the SDH main device.

The MSAP and MSTP principles are the same, all based on the SDH network, and Ethernet is encapsulated by GFP. Only the use of different places, the general important core points will use MSTP, the aggregation port is relatively simple, after all, the SDH main device is relatively stable, the access of each network point will use MSAP, the access cost is relatively low, and multiple service access can be carried out at the same time. The key is to choose MSAP and MSTP devices reasonably.

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