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8channel telephone optical transceiver principle

The 8channel telephone optical transceiver is used in pairs. One end is connected to the program-controlled switch. The middle is transmitted through optical fiber, and the other end is directly connected to the telephone. It is generally used to extend the communication distance.


The dedicated digital multiplexer chip for the 8channel telephone optical transceiver integrates almost all of the digital logic functions in the device, significantly improving product performance and reducing costs. The device has excellent performance, stable and reliable operation, low power consumption, high integration, small size, and easy installation and maintenance.

The 8channel telephone optical transceiver utilizes the optical fiber interface, the digital trunk interface or the analog user interface resource provided by the central office switch to extend the voice and data services to each user area through the IDM device, thereby replacing the remote small office and realizing the cross-border numbering and slow construction. The role of the exchange; or to solve the constraints of the frequency band and transmission distance of the twisted pair in the urban area, so that the service scope of the exchange is increased.

8channel telephone optical transceiver mainly provides 8 telephone interfaces / 4 Ethernet interfaces / 4 E1 interfaces, and 4 Ethernet channels can be arbitrarily divided into VLANs.

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