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Optical fiber transmission 30channel telephone solution

The 30channel telephone optical transceiver is a device that converts a conventional telephone signal into an optical signal and transmits it on an optical fiber.

The 30channel telephone optical transceivers are used in pairs. The local station is connected to the program-controlled switch,transmitted through optical fiber and remote station directly connects to the telephone, which is generally used to extend the communication distance.

The optical fiber transmission 30channel telephone scheme is as follows:


ZMUX-32 adopts modular design, one telephone module corresponds to one telephone, and the number of telephone interfaces can be selected according to user requirements. For example, if the customer only needs to transmit 10 telephones, then ZMUX-32 can only choose 10 telephone modules. It can up to 30 telephone interfaces. In the future, the telephone module needs to be inserted into the empty slot when it needs to be expanded. It is plug and play and does not  debugging.

The 1~30 pairs of telephone lines from the local station program-controlled switch are connected to the ZMUX-32 telephone interface and transmitted to the remote station through optical fibers. The 1~30 pairs of telephone lines from the remote ZMUX-32 telephone interface are directly connected to the telephone, so that 30 remote telephone users can call each other free of charge. And remote station telephone user can exchange with the telephone user of the local station program controlled switch for free, as well as dial the outside line number through the central office switch.

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