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Point-to-multipoint fiber optic transmission solution

Each remote station has a straight-through optical fiber to the central office. One unit ZMUX-3300 is installed at the central office, and one unit ZMUX-3032 is installed at each remote station to realize 1 point to multi-point networking. One unit of ZMUX-3300 can correspond to up to 14 remote stations. 

One service card of the ZMUX-3300 corresponds to one remote station user service, and each card is independent of each other, and the faults do not affect each other. For example, if the 14-slot card is faulty, the corresponding remote station 14 service communication is interrupted, but it does not affect the normal operation of the 1~13 slot card, and the remote station 1~ station 13 services also maintain normal communication.

The solution supports multi-service transmission, and the centralized monitoring system of the central office station can perform real-time monitoring on the whole network equipment, which is very convenient for maintenance and management.

The point-to-multipoint fiber optic transmission solution is as follows:


Product brief introduction:

ZMUX-3032 is a multi-service optical transceiver with modular design. It provides 30 universal module slots and 1 Ethernet slot. One module corresponds to 1 user interface. It is independent and has no impact on each other. It is higher security and convenient to expansion.

ZMUX-3032 supports module intermixing, assembled modules according to user requirements, and supports more than 30 interface modules. 30*RJ45 user interfaces and 1 Ethernet port are  on the back of the device, which is very convenient for installation and maintenance.

The ZMUX-3032 provides a 1 channel fiber link interface, which is a point-to-point transmission method for optical fibers. It is especially suitable for fiber transmission systems of many different service types. The equipment is 1U high rack design, occupying small space and stable and reliable transmission performance. It has been widely used in civil aviation airport, electric power, military, coal, petroleum, chemical, government and other private network communication systems.

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