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Quality Guarantee

The company had passed ISO9000 quality management system certification in 2003, the whole series of products are produced strictly according to ISO9000 standard, make sure company product all meets quality and performance requirements stipulated by national and industrial standard.

In order to guarantee product quality, a series of advanced production and testing equipment have been introduced on our production line, every link of production line all must be tested strictly. The production workshop is designed with high temperature ageing room, the complete series of products are all strictly carrying out 48hrs hi-temperature ageing and 72hrs normal temperature ageing and product quality to be made sure by providing with instruments and meters, such as PCM characteristic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, 2M bit error tester, optical power meter, optical attenuator, thunderstrike measuring station, etc.

The company quality management department is controlled by the vice general manager, department manager and every inspector all focus on product quality, positively cooperate with other department to come up with suggestions of quality system, carry out quality policy, to make sure top-ranking product quality and satisfaction from users.

Quality Policy

The complete inspection system:The company inspectors are all on-the-job trained and examined strictly, and start to work after qualifying, it is strictly carried out by sample inspection standard made by company.

Sample to be strictly inspected:The coming samples, such as electronic component, connector to be carried out inspection strictly to make sure 100% original new goods, and get into warehouse after reaching inspection standard.

Mature production line:Strictly control the complete set production process, the whole production line, which is from PCB composing type to finished product assembling, ageing is to be managed and supervised by relative department manager, and carry out supervision to production environment, staff operation case, production equipment using, instruments and meters running, material using case, etc. every detail of product production is to be tracked.

Overall line quality control: every link of production line is designed with AC quality control point. The QC quality control personnel are designed in the completion stage of PCB, PCBA, finished product assembling, finished product packaging and shipment, carry out inspection of 100% function, performance, surface, check at each level.

Design rationalization:Carry out analyzing and assessing design rationalization problem between software and hardware through developing department manager and relative technician, after passing assessing, the total auditing is to be carried out by general engineer and put into production after passing auditing.

Quality promotion and product perfection:Promote quality and improve function of product through suggestions from users and company staffs.

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